Part I: Eye-Witness to the Truth—Willie Green’s Sports Complex!!! An Answer to all the lies that have been told!! Official Public Records provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: I have written many articles over the past several years that included a “mention” of Mr. Willie Green’s proposed Sports Complex– in response to the City of Shelby’s Ten-Year Master Plan. I even happened to personally attend the Cleveland County Commissioner’s meeting several years ago (Feb 6, 2018) when Mr. Green described what he was planning to the County Commissioners. I was impressed. And, as you will soon see, so was the City of Shelby.

However, Mr. Green’s attempts to develop his thoughts and plans into workable agreements with the Commissioners and the City of Shelby turned sour when Mr. Green selected an architect firm that was NOT Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony’s Architect firm. That is when the lies defamation and malicious acts against Mr. Green started. Resulting in a lawsuit. Also, a lengthy SBI investigation into whether or not Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony’s solicitation of Mr. Green’s Sports Complex business was illegal “Self-Dealing.” The SBI finally determined that it was self-dealing, but the statute of limitations had just run out a few days before the SBI Report was finished. So, there was no prosecution.

It is only today that I have been able to obtain some of the initial email correspondence (which are official and legally recognized as “Public Records” under North Carolina law) between Mr. Willie Green and the Shelby City Manager, Rick Howell. Documents that show that the City of Shelby was originally very interested in Mr. Green’s ideas about a Sports Complex before those false, defamatory and malicious stories about Mr. Green were injected into Shelby’s notorious and infamous “Whispering Campaign” gossip (defamation) network. People from Shelby and Cleveland County know all about how that works.

As these false, defamatory and malicious statements will soon be exposed in Court, I am providing the documented information that I have obtained for all the people to see. And, like I have said many times, don’t believe me, READ for yourself what was said-and written. YOU determine who is lying and who is telling you the truth. The TRUTH will set you free. And you will be covered -up with the truth in this Year’s 2020 Election Campaigns. Stay tuned and vote accordingly.

The following is an email conversation, probably the first, between Shelby City Manager Rick Howell and Mr. Willie Green regarding Mr. Green’s Sports Complex proposal and Holly Oak Park. Note that Mr. Green’s personnel email address has been redacted for privacy purposes.

Also note that the City of Shelby, through City Manager Rick Howell, was initially offering Holly Oak Park or large portions thereof to Mr. Green for a $1 per year lease, as well as other incentives. And Mr. Green was considering purchasing Holly Oak Park from the City of Shelby as his part of the deal. Facts that were a far cry from later tall-tales put out by the City of Shelby. Like Mr. Green wanted the City of Shelby to GIVE him Holly Oak Park for nothing.

Stay Tuned for more in follow-up articles. Also, sources report that Mr. Green’s defamation lawsuit against Rich Howell and may possibly be expanded to include the entire Shelby City Council is about to get started.

June 24 2016 Proposal from Rick Howell-Sports Complex-Holly Oak Park

2 comments for “Part I: Eye-Witness to the Truth—Willie Green’s Sports Complex!!! An Answer to all the lies that have been told!! Official Public Records provided by Robert A. Williams

  1. January 3, 2020 at 11:19 pm

    Happy New Year Willie !

  2. Michael O Johnson
    January 12, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    The North Carolina Department of Commerce recently ranked the state’s 100 counties based on economic well-being and assigning each county a Tier designation. A Tier 1 ranking designates the most economically distressed counties and a Tier 3 ranking designating the least distressed counties. Once again, Cleveland County received a Tier 1 ranking (see

    At the rate Cleveland County is going, it will continue to be an economically distressed area until people start removing these local yokels from positions of authority. For a county that does not have as much as a bowling alley, this argument for not allowing Willie Green to develop a sports complex with apparently private and personal resources seems rather petty. It also sounds like another case of local leaders not wanting to provide quality-of-life amenities for Cleveland County residents — studies show that such facilities reduce crime rates with children, promote a healthier lifestyle, child care, after-school programs, etc.

    A major reason that Cleveland County continues to have such a pitiful socioeconomic profile is because of actions such as these. The local yokel power brokers in Cleveland County only want a few people in their inner circle to have or create such opportunities. If someone such as architect Roger Holland, former Cleveland County Commissioner Eddie Holbrook, an outfit such as Capitol Funds led by Jamey Davis and the Royster family or local hobnobber Allen Langley presented this idea, it undoubtedly would have passed. But because this idea came from outside that circle, the local yokel power brokers look at it as a person “rising above his station.”

    It would make sense for either or both parties to pursue economic feasibility reports on the cost of such a facility and how much money it would generate. But based on this email exchange, it sounds the city leaders shot it down without pursuing any cost-benefit analysis, much a formal discussion on funding, how much the city and/or county would pay, any tax increase costs, etc. But it sounds like the city already has made up its mind.

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