Time Warner-Don’t Call Me Anymore !!! Demand by Robert A. Williams

Time Warner has now outsourced their sales force to workers in India. I hope President Trump throws a big tariff or a big tax on Time Warner for that.

On a personal level, I am sick and tired of telephone calls from Time Warner from India or anywhere else. I am done with Time Warner and have been for years. In my opinion the business practices of Time Warner are predatory, the programs are overly expensive, too many commercials, the telephones go dead if you have a power outage and if you have a billing issue, you can never get a person on the line with any sense.

I do not care whether or not Time Warner is going out of business because of a bad business model. I do care that if Time Warner goes under a number of good employees will suffer.

Bottom line though is this. I do not want Time Warner calling me, especially from India, trying to sell me stuff that I do not want and will not purchase. Time Warner is wasting their time and more importantly to me, they are wasting my time too.

If we had an Attorney General worth a hoot, he would put a stop to Time Warner harassing me and many others. And those folks wanting to sell me home security services, windows, burial insurance and other such stuff would stop calling when I request them to stop calling.

The demand for Time Warner to stop calling me also extends to Spectrum, the fools who are buying out the Time Warner’s failed business. You should have just bought Time Warner in bankruptcy, fired all their nitwit business people and started all over again with the good people that do good jobs.

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