Suicide in Cleveland County Jail!!! –County Citizens Surrender to War on Drugs!!! —Report by Robert A Williams

Reliable sources have informed me that Chris Cody, around 31 years old, white, male, red hair, about 5’5″ slender but muscular build has committed suicide in the Cleveland County Jail. Cody was reported to be found hanged in his cell. Cody was reportedly taken to a hospital in Charlotte and put on life support. As of the report Cody is brain dead and will likely be taken off life support tomorrow.

Cody was reportedly in jail for possession of prescription pain pills. Prescription Pain Medications have been identified by law enforcement as probably the most widely used and abused drug in today’s society, affecting both the legal users who become addicted as well as those who purchase the meds on the thriving black market here in Cleveland County and all across the nation.

Chris Cody was known to be a likeable, smart and friendly person who became exposed to use as an early teenager. Cody’s first encounter with law enforcement began when Cody got high on Crystal Meth or some other fashion drug at the time, was out with some friends at either K-Mart or Wal-Mart, when Cody foolishly snatched an elderly woman’s purse inside the store and ran with the purse. The woman’s screams as well as Chris Cody running through the store caused Cody to be tackled by a bystander and turned over to the law. I am sure most folks over 40 in Cleveland County remember that story.

This episode was the first of Cody’s many involvements with law enforcement related to drug trafficking and his own personal use. Cody spent time in jail as well as in prison because of his involvement with drugs.

All the drug-use/abuse treatment/rehab programs Chris Cody was required to take over the span of half his life obviously did not work for Chris Cody, or did not work for very long. Cody’s drug abuse based criminal record prevented him from finding a steady job. And, if he did find a steady job he didn’t last very long.

This situation drove Cody to sell drugs to support himself as well as provide him with a much too available drug supply for his own use. Cody was once reported to tell a friend that he made $55,000 per year selling prescription pain medications.

Cody was also reported to tell a friend once that he would rather die than go back to prison. Apparently Chris Cody figured he was prison bound from his recent arrest and took the matter into his own hands this past week while in the Cleveland County Jail.

So, what can citizens of Cleveland County take away from this tragic loss of a young life? Let’s name a few:
Drug rehab programs in Cleveland County are not very effective and they are not free. But the Judges keep on ordering drug users who get caught to take and pay for these programs. I am not aware of any effort by the Judicial System in Cleveland County to measure the effectiveness of these programs, root out the ineffective programs or do anything to improve the effectiveness of any of these programs. These programs certainly appear to be just another way to fleece money from drug users that actually need help with their problems and funnel that money to those who have figured out ways to scam the system. Same with the alcohol rehab programs. Same with anger management programs.

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