Only in Shelby!!! Does this kind of mess happen!! More Teenage Shootings in City of Shelby!! Between two 16-Year-old Black GIRLS over a boy!! Caught on Facebook–Yet No Arrests have been made!! City “Leaders” Silent–As usual, waiting for this to blow over! Round and Round, Over and Over–NO Resolution ever in sight! Willie Green speaks out about the Shelby problem!! Report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

When I first heard about this past Wednesday’s shooting on Gold Street in Shelby, my first thought was “here we go again, nothing will be done and this will just blow over.” Besides, I don’t live in Shelby, can’t vote Shelby’s phony leadership out and if Shelby people, black and white, don’t care; Why should I care? And then I remembered that part of my email distribution that says: “An injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere!”

Then, I received a copy of Willie Green’s email to the Shelby City Council, Mayor, City Council and leaders in the Black Community and thought this was worth passing along. Willie tells it like it is. That things don’t have to be like they are. It reminded me of me. So, folks, especially you folks in Shelby who CAN vote to make a change; Mr. Willie Green’s Email message is provided below. YOU can make a difference, so, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Run for office against the do-nothings. Those that can’t run for office, vote FOR the new blood that does run for office.

Here is Mr. Willie Green’s email message.

From: Willie Green

To: Shelby City Council, Black Community Leadership, Robert A. Williams and others

Subject: Another teen shooting in Shelby, no other city in Cleveland County, just Shelby.

The Shelby Star article.
This is an election year for the 3 City Council Members (Webber, Dukes, and Hendrick), they need to be all voted out of office. New leadership is needed to address the problems within the minority community and better ways to help our young brothers and sisters. No council member (even the black council members) have said anything about the continuing violence and shootings taking place with our young adults in the “City of Pleasant Living.”

No words, no solutions, and no care. But the city is spending millions of dollars on a hiking trail. Prove me wrong, show me the evidence of any of the council members or the mayor who is doing anything to address the problems in Shelby. Where are our black leaders, why are you silent? You raised hell over the Confederate flag, but you remain silent on the destruction of our young black kids and our community.

Remember in 2013 when NFL Player and Shelby native Brandon Spikes were criticized when he called Shelby a “jungle” and was glad he escaped. Spikes’ perspective is of “someone who grew up in a neighborhood where shootings, stabbings, and drugs were commonplace. And homes where hope was nonexistent. Your only real hope is to get out.” Was Brandon right in his assessment of Shelby?

“Not having effective leadership in place to encourage and “capture” growth opportunities.” City of Shelby 2017 Economic Development Strategic Plan on the THREATS in Shelby. Not my words, the City’s own economic impact study words.

You did not want my help or my programs, that I wanted to do to help the kids in the community. So. who now will step up and do the job before more teens are involved in criminal activities and killed?

Willie A. Green, Sr.

Editor’s Note: Fact Check.
Mr. Green’s quote regarding the City of Shelby’s 2017 Economic Development Strategic Plan (SWOT Analysis) noted above is correct.

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Bill Gray
7 months ago

I agree with Mr. Green’s article with the exception of the ” City of Pleasant Living “. Shelby is on it’s way to becoming a city of peasant living. It is getting harder and harder for many to live in a city ruined by High Brow Essentials. I have came to the conclusion that we are in an Administration Prison. It seems to me that 99% of the Elected Officials and their cronies are just following a script. To them It’s just a game, they are the players and we are the played. I have felt this way since Stanhope put out his Emergency Proclamation. Here is what it decreed :

“Mayor Stan Anthony has declared a state of emergency for the city of Shelby due to the COVID-19 situation. The intent of this action is to emphasize previous Executive Orders issued by Governor Roy Cooper (and to make the public aware that Mayor Anthony has authority to issue local directives) in accordance with the N.C. General Statutes and the City Code of Ordinances. (Any forthcoming actions will be communicated to the public.”)

( the parenthesis is to highlight what I see as Stanhope’s true message, Kingship)

The Proclamation was decreed almost a year ago. I ask, have any of you received the forthcoming memo ? I do take comfort in knowing that Sheriff Norman will not allow Stanhope to lay a writ of disobedience on us deplorable non-essentials.

We the played are unheard and invisible , in Our Schools, in Our County and in Our City.

There is an idiom the states, “The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on. Dissenting views from the lower classes are ignored in favor of progress.”

The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on, and on.

I have little hope of anyone in a leadership role breaking from the hive to address this. There will be no local directives forthcoming ! The script must be followed, the New City must be built, at all cost. The players know we are here, they just don’t feel the despair, yet. This game is winding down. I believe the sequel will not be good.

Last edited 7 months ago by Bill Gray