More Fighting Students at CCS-Crest Middle School this time!! Black Girl v. White Girl—Video on the way!!! School Discipline Broke-down Completely at CCS!! Except for Crest High School!!

Another day and another report of a fight somewhere within CCS. This time the fight was between a black girl and a white girl at Crest Middle School. This is another incident caught on a cell phone video that I am trying to get and post. This latest incident Crest Middle School brought no suspensions or discipline, because, according to CCS Administration, it is too close to exams.

So, now it is open season for girls to fight at CCS, Except at Crest High School where Principal Holly Robinson strictly follows the school board policies and the law. Good for Holly Robinson. It is no wonder why the Crest High School Football gets so many awards. Discipline is a big thing in sports as well as life. It is paying off for Crest High School Football. Most likely for the rest of things at Crest High School too. Like education.

But all these black girls getting involved with fighting an autistic boy, a gay boy, a troublesome white boy and a white girl. Just in the past week. What is setting off these black girls? Why won’t CCS Administration say anything or do anything. Why is the CCS School Board not enforcing their own policies?

Too many questions and no answers. Apparently, no good answers or the CCS School Board would be flooding the Shelby Star with good press releases bragging and patting themselves on the back. I can hardly wait until the 2020 School Board Elections when we can get rid of Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris, Jeff Jones and Jo Boggs. The Know-Nothing, Do-Nothing crowd that has to go.

But, unless people get out to school board meetings in great numbers between now and November 2020, the fighting and bullying at CCS will continue. The Know-Nothing, Do-Nothings named above do know one thing-the power of the people. Show up at their meetings and speak out during citizens recognition. This will get their attention if nothing else will. And potential school board candidates can see for themselves what is really going on at CCS. And what is NOT going on-the education of your children.

And last, but not least. Where are the County Commissioners? Doug Bridges and Deb Hardin are attending School Board meetings despite Shearra Miller not liking it. Where are Commissioners Susan Allen, Ronnie Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins. They are raising and collecting millions of tax dollars for CCS, yet require no accountability from CCS. Perhaps Susan Allen, Ronnie Whetstine and Johnny Hutchins should start attending School Board meetings too. They are also up for election in 2020.

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