Hey, Cleveland County Commissioners !!! How Many Bullets Does it Take to Kill a Cat??? –Question by Robert A. Williams

As of this past Monday we have over 100,000 “hits” on this website the past 10 days reading our articles. Those numbers increased significantly due to the articles about the scandals at Cleveland Community College and the report regarding the killing of cats that were turned loose at the county shooting range.

Every article was sent to the Cleveland County Commissioners before the article was published asking for the Commissioner’s comments. True to form, the commissioners have presented ZERO comments. They apparently figure that if they do not respond to the article, then they cannot be held responsible the bad things happening in and around Cleveland County. I have news for the Commissioners. They are elected officials and it is their responsibility to be accountable for what happens during their watch, and telling the truth to citizens is also a big part of their responsibility.

There are other ways to get to the truth without the Commissioners saying a word.

One way was to publish the document that showed 2,223.4 TONS of dead animals (Dogs, Cats, Fowl, Deer Parts, Livestock and Sludges) were buried at the county landfill last year. That document did not give a breakdown as to how many dogs and cats were included in those 2,223.4 tons of dead animals, but obviously there were a lot. Even one ton of cats are a lot of cats that end up buried at the landfill. No matter what is the cause of death for the cat. Or dog.

So, here I am still trying to get it out of the Commissioners regarding the report of turning cats loose at the shooting range and shooting them. Maybe dogs too. So, what to do?

Well, it just happens to be budget time for the county and there are such things as Freedom of Information and Public records laws that allow me to inspect county records-financial records too. So, I have prepared a written Freedom of Information Act request to the Commissioners asking how much ammunition has the county paid for last year and how much ammunition funding will be included in the county budget for next year.

Of course the Commissioners have many ways of hiding such information. Their favorite trick is to just not provide the incriminating information that is requested. That is highly illegal, but hey, that is why they hired the Speaker of the House as the County Attorney, to cover their tracks.

The following request for documents and records has been sent to the Cleveland County Commissioners by email communication. I will provide you with information regarding what I receive from the Commissioners, if anything, as soon as I receive it. I am not holding my breath and advise you don’t hold your breath either while waiting for a reply from the Commissioners.


Under the Freedom of Information Act and North Carolina Public Records Laws please provide the following information and documents:

1. All documents and receipts for ammunition of all types paid for by Cleveland County during this past fiscal year broken down by county department.

2. All documents related to the budgeted procurement of ammunition of all types for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.


Robert A. Williams

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