Correction: Tim Moore running for US Congress in 2022!! Waiting for New District Lines to be Drawn!! President Joe Biden could face Impeachment or Removal from Office Political Gossip Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Political gossip has long associated Tim Moore and running for the US Senate in 2022. That fits the known political calculus that had Tim running for the US Senate in 2022 and then Running for the US President or VP in 2024.

New information coming from a reliable political source from an adjoining County says that Tim Moore’s new plans are to run for the US House in 2022.

This seems logical since so many are running for the North Carolina US Senate seat vacancy in 2022 and it would be much easier to get elected to the US House and also get national attention for 2024 by being in the US House for two years. Especially since Republicans are almost certain to retake the US House after two years of President Joe Biden’s radical socialism.

Also, the 2022 district lines will be redrawn soon. North Carolina, I believe, according to the 2020 Census Reports just released will get an additional US Representative in Congress in 2022. AND, Tim will have a big hand in redrawing those district lines. Speaker of the House Tim Moore would likely be the front-runner in such a scenario as this. And all “politicking” already in progress would just shift gears without missing a beat.

Just think, a new Republican majority in the US House and the US Senate in the 2022 Elections and President Joe Biden could get Impeached. Or removed from office by the 25th Amendment. Then VP Harris could also be impeached. When things go around, they sometimes come back around. For Biden as well as Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. AOC and the squad rendered useless too!!! Happy Days will be here again. If the Republicans don’t blow it.

This is still gossip, but remember. I told you so-first!!!

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