Breaking News: 2019 Low Turnout School Board Elections to be Moved to 2020!!! Five Seats Up for Election–Record Voting Expected!! Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

NC House Bill 1105, sponsored by Representative Kelly Hastings, was filed November 27, 2017 and issued in Draft form this very day (Nov 28, 2018) for progression through the General Assembly for approval. This bill, when approved, will move the partisan School Board Elections for Cleveland County from odd numbered years to even numbered years beginning in 2020. A copy of HB 1105 is attached at the end of this article. Read it if you don’t believe me.

And the 2020 Election year is a Presidential Election year and THE Election Year that President Trump is up for re-election. Folks, this will absolutely guarantee a record turnout even greater that this year (2018) and even 2016 when President Trump, a Republican, trounced Democrat Hillary Clinton in the Electorial College as well at leading Cleveland County by wide margins in Trumps record breaking run for President.

Looking at this 2020 CCS School Board Election in 2020, incumbents Jo Boggs, Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris and Jeff Jones, all Democrats (Jo Boggs is now a RINO-Republican In Name Only), will most likely be beaten like a drum by any five Republican Candidates that have a heartbeat and can sign their names on the election filing forms. That is the good part. The bad part is those same five Democrats will have their terms extended by one year (from 2019 to 2020) to get the school board elections in sync with most other major political races in Cleveland County, North Carolina and the USA. Likewise, the terms of school board members Dena Green, Coleman Hunt, Phillip “Bully” Glover and Danny Blanton will have their terms extended from 2021 to 2022 to get those positions in sync with even numbered year elections.

But. All y’all Republicans better not count your chickens before the eggs hatch. Jo Boggs quietly switched to Republican a while back in anticipation of the coming partisan elections for school board. Also, Republican Danny Blanton has publicly supported Democrats in other races, drawing the ire of the establishment Republican Party and most likely being a contributing factor in the defeat of other Republican candidates in the 2017 school board elections. This means the 2020 slate of Republican Candidates better be bona fide conservatives or they will lose again to the liberals running for the school board.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes ours. And don’t expect anything but “fake news” from the Democrat oriented Shelby Star.

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1 comment for “Breaking News: 2019 Low Turnout School Board Elections to be Moved to 2020!!! Five Seats Up for Election–Record Voting Expected!! Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

  1. Robert A. Williams
    November 29, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    To: Robert A. Williams

    From: Representative Kelly Hastings

    This will rectify a situation created by the school merger agreement. Elections held that include a whole county should be in the even years and not in the odd years when municipal elections are held. The provision will not punish current school board members by cutting their terms short.

    This seems to be a great way to help ensure efficiency in the election process and respect the rights of those who have been elected to office and who want to run for office.

    I’ve written and spoken about this issue publicly, and I have not received any negative comments from key stakeholders. It passed out of committee on a bipartisan basis and appeared to have no opposition from committee members.


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