Updates on Voter Fraud Investigations In North Carolina and Eddie Holbrook’s Election Law Violations!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

I asked the Cleveland County Board of Elections Director how the new Department of Justice Subpoenas would affect Cleveland County. This is the reply”


The State Board must provide any and all voter registration applications and/or other documents, as identified below, that were submitted to, filed by, or maintained by the North Carolina State Board of Elections from January 1, 2010, through August 30, 2018 , within all 100 counties:

1. Standard voter registration application forms
2. Federal post card applications (FPCA)
3. Federal write-in absentee ballots (FWAB)
4. One Stop (Early Voting) application forms
5. Provisional voting forms
6. NC absentee ballot request forms
7. Any and all “admission or denial of non-citizen return form” that were generated by the North Carolina State Board of Elections, or were caused to be generated by the North Carolina Board of Elections, and/or the Ethics Enforcement Office.
8. Any and all voter registration cancellation or voter revocation forms that have been generated by the North Carolina State Board of Elections, and/or the Ethics Enforcement Office.

All of these documents are scanned and entered into SEIMS (State Election Information Management System) at the time they are received. So, the State has easy access to all of these forms from Cleveland County.

In addition, 44 individual NC Counties are required to provide several items (poll books, voter authorization documents, and ballots). Cleveland County is NOT one of those 44 counties. The only thing being provided from Cleveland County are the previously mentioned documents located in our SEIMS database.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Clifton W. Philbeck, CERA, CNCEA
Director of Elections
Cleveland County Board of Elections
215 Patton Drive | Shelby, NC 28150

From: raw@shelby.net [mailto:raw@shelby.net]
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2018 7:07 PM
To: Clifton Philbeck
Subject: North Carolina hit with subpoena for millions of voter records by federal officials investigating fraud | Fox News

How does this affect Cleveland County???

Robert A. Williams
Federal officials have subpoenaed more than 20 million documents related to voter records in North Carolina as part of an investigation into alleged fraud. | Fox News


Regarding Eddie Holbrook’s shared use of campaign sign frames with the American Legion World Series:

The Board of Elections reports that the Eddie Holbrook Campaign reported that Stanley Crowder owned the sign frames and allowed both the Eddie Holbrook Campaign as well as the ALWS to use the frames free of charge. However, use by the Eddie Holbrook Campaign of such donations requires, by state law, listing such “in-kind” donations to be reported on campaign finance reports, which the Holbrook campaign had not done. Which I believe is a criminal offense.. The Elections Board reports that Holbrook’s campaign treasurer, his step daughter, will submit revised campaign reports showing such donations from Stanley Crowder. Since Holbrook has used these sign frames for multiple campaigns, the Holbrook campaign reports for the past 12 years may have to be revised. Also, Stanley Crowder may have to file as a Political Action Committee supporting the elections of Eddie Holbrook.

It is my belief that the Eddie Holbrook Campaign has exposed both themselves and Stanley Crowder to criminal prosecution. It is also my belief that Stanley Crowder has stupidly exposed himself to criminal prosecution by lying about who actually paid for these campaign sign frames to be built as well as not registering himself as a PAC.

Regarding Eddie Holbrook illegally using Cleveland County School Property to store, assemble and distribute his partisan political campaign sign:

Within hours of my report of this, including pictures, the Holbrook Campaign has totally removed these particular signs from the Shelby High School Baseball Field.

The illegal acts by both Eddie Holbrook and CCS in this regard have been formally reported to the Board of Elections with a written response requested from the Board of Elections Chairperson.

It is totally obvious that Democrat Commissioner Chairman Eddie Holbrook, especially in this particular election cycle, has repeatedly violated ethical rules and State Law during the Democrat Primary 2018 Primary Elections as well as during his re-election campaign leading up to the 2018 General Election.

It is also obvious that Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice system in Cleveland County are not doing their jobs regarding enforcement of State Election Laws. Of course the people who vote will have the final say on whether or not crooked politicians in Cleveland County will get re-elected or not. “Flawed Politicians” like Eddie Holbrook only get by with what the Citizens of Cleveland County allow him to get by with.

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