Sheriff Alan Norman for NC Senate in 2022!!!??? To Replace Senator Ted Alexander!!! Send Law and Order Message to the NC General Assembly!!! Also, put an end to the Cleveland County GOP Civil War over Crook, Liar, Public Record falsifying, backdating, child molester enabling School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen et. al.!!! Political Calculus, opinions and suggestions by Robert A. Williams

Folks, by the time you are reading this the time has long since passed for the North Carolina General Assembly to fill the seat previously held on the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees by philanthropist Betty Carrigan. Mrs. Carrigan’s four-year term expired June 30, 2021. Just like the Commissioner’s original appointment of Robert “Luke” Queen to the CCC BoTs.

The Commissioners chose, for cause, NOT to re-appoint Luke Queen to the CCC BoTs at their June 15th 2021 Commissioner’s Meeting and told Luke before-hand. Luke quickly drafted a “resignation” letter and backdated it to June 1, 2021 asking for the Commissioners NOT to consider him for re-appointment to the CCC BoTs because he could not handle the load from being on the Cleveland County School Board as Chairman as well as serve on the CCC BoTs. A scanned copy of that backdated letter was provided in my last article about this same subject.

Mrs. Carrigan, on the other hand, had faithfully and dutifully served her four-year term on the CCC BoTs and was set to be re-appointed by the General Assembly to the CCC BoTs. And had said so.

But political mischief was afoot from Luke Queen and a handful of renegade Cleveland County Republican Party political hacks. “Bad Ju-Ju” type political mischief. Bad to the bone political Ju-Ju that has the Commissioners and the rest of the “informed” Republicans in Cleveland County PO’d to high Heaven. Democrats too, for that matter.

The “rumor” is this: Robert Luke Queen went “Boo-Hooing” to his renegade Republican buddies Wes Westmoreland, Dennis Bailey, Kevin Whisnant, David Allen and possibly others who immediately figured “To Hell” with the County Commissioners and everybody else. WE want OUR BUDDY (White, Male and Republican) Robert Queen on the CCC BoTs. And ALL WE have to do is call our “Lap-Dog” State Senator Ted Alexander and have Ted let philanthropist Betty Carrigan’s term on the CCC BoTs expire on June 30, 2021 and then appoint Luke Queen to fill that vacancy. Getting rid of Democrat Betty Carrigan in the process. In this “shallow thinking” process, the Renegade Republicans may even think they have done a great deed, deserving a Medal, for getting rid of a Democrat and keeping a Republican. Even though that Republican-Robert “Luke” Queen has shown himself to be a crook, a liar, a back-dater of public records as well as an “enabler” of those who enable child abuse and molestation as well as incompetence and waste at Cleveland County Schools. (More about that later.)

I will have to call this following information gossip and “rumors.” I have not been able to confirm the following because everybody concerned has illegally refused to respond to my Public Records Request submittal that was made under the clear guidance of North Carolina State law. This is what my Public Records Request submittal stated:

Under the North Carolina Public Records Laws, the following public records and documents are requested and that request Is properly submitted as shown below.
Please provide the following for inspection:

1. All Documents and records that show the identity of that person who was or will be appointed to fill the position on the CCC Board of Trustees that was previously held by Mrs. Betty Carrigan until her term expired June 30, 2021. (For instance, was Mrs. Carrigan reappointed? Or someone else appointed to that position. If so, Who?)
2. All documents, records and email correspondences sent or received, between any of those sent a copy of this request per this email in regard to the subject of this message.
3. Any Press Releases released in regard to this subject.

Please submit to me for approval of any charges associated with this Public Records Request that exceeds five dollars ($5.00).
Since this information is very-very recent, it is expected that this request can be filled (in full or part) by close of business Friday, July 2, 2021.
Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

Robert A. Williams

This valid and 100% legal Public Records Request was made to County Manager Brian Epley, All the Cleveland County Commissioners, All the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees Members, Senator Ted Alexander, Speaker of the House Tim Moore, State Representative Kelly Hastings and all the Cleveland County School Board members. At least one of these named persons should surely know for a fact by now who the General Assembly appointed for this position-but are refusing to tell.

I attended the July 6th Commissioner’s meeting and no Commissioner would admit to knowing. Commissioner Chairman Doug Bridges stated “We hear the same rumors that you hear, but nobody has confirmed it.” Of course, since the Cleveland County Commissioners were the ones (on a unanimous 5-0 vote) who booted Robert “Luke” Queen off the CCC BoT Board to begin with, they would be the first ones offended by the “Renegade Republican Trump-Haters” Wes Westmoreland, Dennis Bailey, Kevin Whisnant, David Allen, Robert Queen and perhaps others who cooked up this “Civil War amongst Republicans” scheme to begin with.

AND, Sneaky is as sneaky does. It could be that those sneaky Trump-Hating Renegade Republican buddies of Robert “Luke” Queen have been feeling “the heat” from the Commissioners and the other 37,000 plus Republicans and Unaffiliated voters in Cleveland County who, when informed, would disapprove of the Renegade bunch hijacking Senator Ted Alexander to do their dirty deeds. It is certain that Senator Ted Alexander, Speaker of the House Tim Moore and Representative Kelly Hastings, who are all in the North Carolina General Assembly, know how to “count the votes” when “Heat” such as this is about to come down on them too. Typically, Ted, Tim and Kelly (and the rest of Cleveland County politicians) seem to handle “Heat” by shutting up and waiting for the scandal to blow over. Experience has proven to them that they can do what they please and even the well inflamed voters in Cleveland County will forget about the heat and the scandal over time. Much less the many “low information” voters. But times are changing!!!

The 2020 School Board Election showed all of us Cleveland County voters that the “old” crowd can be entirely removed from office-sooner than later. Although, to remove the Old crowd we elected a new crowd that included Robert “Luke” Queen-who has turned out to be such a great disappointment. But Luke and the other disappointments wan be removed soon enough. And so can Senator Ted Alexander, Speaker Tim Moore and Representative Kelly Hastings. Since Senator Ted Alexander seems to be the main “Lap Dog” for the Renegade Republicans led by Wes Westmoreland, Dennis Bailey, Kevin Whisnant, David Allen and perhaps others, Let’s start with Senator Ted Alexander.

Let’s also start with a well thought out search for a replacement for Senator Ted Alexander in the 2022 Elections. Let’s put out thinking caps on and search for a well-qualified candidate that we know who would serve Cleveland County well. And, make us all proud. No more pigs in a poke like the Robert “Luke” Queens we got in the 2020 School Board Elections.

Cleveland County Sheriff Alan Norman was the first potential candidate for the North Carolina State Senate to replace Ted Alexander that came to mind.

Sheriff Norman is a former conservative Democrat who recently switched to the Republican Party-like the tens of thousands that did so before him. Sheriff Norman took over the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office when the office was in disarray after the years of absence by the former Sheriff, the late Sheriff Raymond Hamrick, for health reasons. Sheriff Norman took over the Sheriff’s Office when it was in chaos and disorder and turned the organization around. Emphasizing training and professionalism as well as obtaining the most modern equipment, Including communications, body-cams, bullet proof vests and special threat-resistant vehicles.

Sheriff Norman is also well versed in politicking and running for elected office. Norman has previously been elected to the Cleveland County Water Board as well as the Sheriff’s office. It is said that the Sheriff’s Office is the highest elected position in Cleveland County. After once attending a swearing-in ceremony of the Sheriff, I tend to agree with that statement. I predict that if Sheriff Alan Norman would sign up and run for the NC Senate position, he would win the election hands down.

But that is not all. In this time of great division in Cleveland County, North Carolina and the USA, crime and violence caused by the seemingly nonstop political turmoil incited by Fake News and Defund the Police Rhetoric; North Carolina and Cleveland County needs a proven advocate for Law and Order such as Sheriff Alan Norman. According to my substantial research, I cannot find one former Sheriff in either the North Carolina Senate or the NC House of Representatives. Plenty of lawyers. But there appears to be a total vacuum of actual law enforcement experience in all of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Therefore, a person such as Sheriff Alan Norman, elected to the NC Senate, would, from the get-go, be an law enforcement and criminal justice expert in the passing of laws that would best serve Cleveland County and North Carolina in areas ranging from the explosion of juvenile crime, drug dealing, larceny, sex crimes, rape, robbery and murder to the failures in our public education system that have become the incubators of young student criminals instead of becoming educated and informed taxpaying citizens. Basically, the future of what Cleveland County and North Carolina is about to become in the years to come.

It should be noted folks, that I have not contacted Sheriff Alan Norman beforehand about my idea here. It may be that Sheriff Alan Norman believes that he is better needed right where he is. I intend to copy Sheriff Norman with this article and expect that this will be something that he will think about. I also expect other readers will contact Sheriff Norman with their offers of support if he chooses this direction to take in this potential extension of his political career, At least I am hoping this idea of a proactive approach of selecting and recruiting good candidates for elected offices takes hold for the next election as well as those far in the future. And there are NO MORE major election disasters such as the election of Robert “Luke” Queen to the Cleveland County School Board.

So, folks. Let’s not wait to see what the sneaky, conniving and scheming Renegade Republican Buddies of Robert “Luke” Queen are going to do-which is just wait us out until time runs out. It is time-NOW-to begin thinking about our elected and appointed leadership and the jobs they are or are NOT doing. Search out and recruit good candidates to replace the bad actors. And, most of all, turn out on election day and elect the best ones to office. And send the renegades back home ASAP!!!

Editor’s Note: Folks, this article is getting rather long and I have only begun to closely describe the nature and extent of the sell-out of School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen’s political “soul” to the low-down renegade supporters that he has chosen to align and surround himself with. That will be coming out very soon. All by itself. It will be another long and shockingly true story that was so very unnecessary.

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