“Plantation Politics” Win in Commissioner’s Race, Again!!! Massa Eddie comes in a distant Second Place-Barely!! In Democrat Primary Election — After record spending??? Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Although “official” results in the 2018 Democrat Primary Election will not be recorded until the Board of Elections holds their May 18th “Canvas” meeting, unofficial results are as follows:

Chris Gash 3,094
Eddie Holbrook 2,114 980 votes out of First Place
Todd McIntosh 1,846 268 votes out of Second place

Total Democrat votes-7,054 / 2 votes per person = 3,527 Democrat voters.

Total Votes Cast 8,037 12.55% Republican Primary voters also counted in that so we won’t be able to pin that down until May 18th
Total Registered Black voters 13,871
Total Registered White Voters 47,889

Black voters trend to be over 90% Democrat.

Looking at these numbers it becomes incredibly obvious that it was easily within the reach of Black Democrat voters, with such a low turnout, to totally control who won the Democrat Primary Election this past Tuesday. It is also totally obvious that it took a split in the Black vote to allow a white candidate, Eddie Holbrook, into second place, although only narrowly where Gash and McIntosh are black.

For his part, Massa Eddie Holbrook was playing the race card. Split the black vote and urge all the white democrat voters to single shot him. Also, it has been reported from sources that Chris Gash collaborated with Holbrook’s campaign during this race. Along with a group of Uncle Toms (or racial Judas’s or Quislings as former NAACP President Robert F. Williams of Monroe, NC called them), the most visible being Rev. Lamont Littlejohn and the most invisible may have been Rev. Donnie Thurman, Jr. Thus allowing Massa to eke out a second place finish and a ride to the November Election.

Also, Massa Eddie called on his rich buddies to kick in a ton of money for his campaign. Possibly exceeding $50,000 plus with all the signs, advertising, robo calls and who knows, maybe a little cash for Gash and the Uncle Toms. Maybe a lot of cash. Lots of favors anyway. And still Massa Eddie only squeaked by with all his phony claims of doing so well for Cleveland County. Everybody ain’t dumb.

Of course the biggest political loser in all of this is the black community. If only for their basic lack of meaningful economic opportunity that never increased one whit over the entire 12 years Massa Eddie Holbrook has been in office. And now they (the black community) were totally responsible in putting Massa’s name on the ballot in November. It’s like they used to say about keeping down .women. “Keep them barefoot and pregnant.” Used to say? Maybe. But it still works the same for the black community, and not just black women in Cleveland County under the Massa Eddie Holbrook regime. The Willie Green Sports Complex proposal being slow walked to death is a perfect example of that concept.

So, what to do? For most, nothing. Voting has consequences. Elections have consequences, not voting has consequences. Better candidates not running for office also has consequences. Those without fear and smart enough to see it through have the option of a Federal Lawsuit. And, the November Election is still ahead. And there are options there that most do not recognize or understand. All in all, Massa Eddie getting his pass in the Democrat Primary by playing the race card can all be traced back to ignorance and not caring enough to right the most basic of wrongs. In the Black Community as well as the white community. Of being played against one another in what I call “Plantation Politics.” But, it ain’t over ’til it’s over. Lots could happen between now and November 6, 2018.

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