Mrs. Phillip :Bully” Glover, wife of the Chairman of the School Board, accused of Unethical and perhaps illegal Election Year Activity related to Bully’s re-election campaign!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

This is part of the message I received at 10:33 PM tonight from a reliable source. The message speaks for itself.

“Regarding the school board election I have information from a reliable source that Mr. Glover’s wife is utilizing her school email account to solicit support for her husband, including asking coworkers and others to place political signs in their yard. In most public positions, including where I work, this would absolutely not be allowed.”

I have requested, under the Freedom of Information Act as well as NC Public Records laws, all of Bully’s and Mrs. Glover’s emails sent and received through the CCS internet/email account for the past three months. I will let you know what response, if any, I get from Cleveland County Schools. CCS and Bully are well known for ignoring legal requests for documents that they are bound by law to provide.

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