More Thinking about the KM Preacher’s Daughter getting Promoted at CCS!!! The Madder You Should Get!! Report and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

Folks, Jasmine Bell’s comment on my original article just flat boils it down for all of us. The corruption at Cleveland County Schools ain’t something new. It goes way back. The discrimination continues from way back. The Plantation Politics was not invented by defeated and disgraced Commissioner Eddie Holbrook-it goes way back. The Kings Mountain First Baptist Church good-ole-boys and girls crowd goes way back too, but lately, they have perfected the “we will do what we want and don’t give a damn what you think.” They turn out to vote and we don’t-so, they get away with it.

But there was much more to what happened at the June 10, 2019 School Board meeting to get mad about. Besides the fact that the Preacher’s daughter got promoted into such a high paying job that she is totally unqualified for. Right under the nose of the County Commissioners who were in attendance at that June 10th meeting.

First, the deception.

If you watch the video of the meeting, you will see that Superintendent Stephen Fisher set the whole thing up earlier in the meeting when he called for a “Personal Privilege” to bring the retiring Maintenance Superintendent, John Yarbro, before the school board to brag on what a good job Yarbro had done. Knowing full well that Yarbro, like Jennifer Wampler-the Preacher’s daughter-was a teacher and Principal who was himself promoted into the Maintenance Superintendent’s position without any education, training and experience in building and facilities maintenance and construction. Yarbro did however, grow up on the farm, where lots of common sense and improvisation is learned at an early age. But the Preacher’s daughter was NOT raised on the farm, so she never had the opportunity learn common sense like a farm boy has do to learn how to get things done. The Preacher’s daughter offers nothing of value to that high paying position she just got promoted to. The only thing she can do is have Fisher hire somebody to tell her what to do and what to say. This Preacher’s daughter rose to her level of incompetence two promotions ago.

But this Personal Privilege thing was something that could have been put onto the agenda, but was not. And the Agenda was approved without it. Also, duly elected School Board member Danny Blanton is never extended any personal privilege by the school board. Blanton has to step down off the School board and sign up for Citizen’s recognition to be allowed, by law to speak as a citizen to the board. Even though they still let what Blanton says go in one ear and out the other.

Also, don’t forget that this new “Executive” position appears to not have been advertised so qualified candidates could apply and “muddy the water.” It was just a done-deal from start to finish.

And, while we are talking about the agenda and what was and was not on it, the Closed session where the School Board voted to promote the Preacher’s Daughter was not on the agenda either. And, the School Board did not properly call the closed session. All violations of law and policy. So, by law, this sham of a promotion for the Preacher’s Daughter could be ruled null and void. But who is going to hire a lawyer to do that? Certainly not me. I will not finance the apathy of the citizens in the rest of Cleveland County have shown in all the past school board elections. You’ve got what you deserve. Only thing is, I don’t deserve to have to live with your staying home on election day. So, I’m just going to rub it in.

Then, there is the fact that the Eight Stooges on the School Board went along with this fiasco.

So, you have to face the obvious question: if the Superintendent and School Board Stooges can get this simple personnel action so screwed up, have they ever hired or promoted the right person for any job??. From top to bottom?? You have to remember that when Danny Blanton asks why teacher turnover is so high, you have to wonder if those teachers leaving are actually the best teachers, fed-up because they are treated so poorly, leave for greener pastures. And then Fisher and crew can then make room for more Sunday School buddies? Just like Jasmine Bell has observed.

Seeing with my own two eyes what came down at the June 10, 2019 School Board meeting, I have no confidence and trust whatsoever that the Superintendent AND the Eight School Board Stooges can do anything right. The only thing I am debating over is whether it is stupidity or corruption. Unfortunately, CORRUPTION appears to be the obvious situation. Corruption that only a clean-sweep on Election Day can get rid of.

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