Missing Person Update!!! Ms Falon Cooksey-Missing Eight Weeks and Counting!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Most folks may have already forgotten about the Missing Person in Iowa, the young woman that was found in a cornfield, covered by cornstalks, murdered by multiple sharp stabs by an illegal alien. Most folks may have forgotten that School Board Member Roger “Low-Down” Harris thought this was funny when he “poked fun” at the murdered woman on his racist post on Facebook. The Cleveland County School Board agreed with Harris–that it was funny-because of their silence when Harris was asked to resign by citizen Matthew Canipe at the last School Board meeting. Mr. Canipe also asked Harris would he think it was funny if someone “from around here” had this happen to them.

All this caused me to check into the Missing Person Report I happened to see on the bulletin board in the Post Office at Fallston. Scroll on back a few days to those several articles and remind yourself. There is also a picture of the Falon Cooksey missing person report and the Facebook posting Low-Down Harris thought was so hilarious.

Since then I have called the Police Department in Blacksburg and confirmed that Ms. Falon Cooksey (with family connections tin Fallston) has indeed been missing since June 10, 2018. The Blacksburg PD reported multiple searches, over 2,000 man-hours involved and counting, 5,000+ leads and 27 search warrants served and executed in their search for Ms. Cooksey. Unlike the likes of School Board Member Roger “Low-Down” Harris, the Blacksburg Police Department takes their job seriously.

And, so does the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. This is a message sent to me by the CCSO just a few days ago.

Mr. Williams,

Thank you for your interest in the disappearance of Falon Cooksey. Her disappearance was reported to Blacksburg, SC, Police Department in June. As she was last seen in their jurisdiction, they are the reporting and investigating agency.

Fortunately, there have been numerous media segments and news articles concerning Blacksburg PD’s investigation, in order to get the word out to the public about her disappearance. Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has assisted Blacksburg PD in their investigation, as have several other agencies, when potential leads have arisen. Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office will continue to assist Blacksburg PD with their investigation as the opportunities present themselves.

Just like you, we are hopeful that she will be found safe.



Captain Jon M. Wright
Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office
100 Justice Place
Shelby, NC 28150

Also, CCSO Sgt. Amy Stroupe at 704-484-4825 is working this case.

Folks, If anyone has any information related to the whereabouts of Ms. Falon Cooksey, please call Captain Jon Wright or Sgt Amy Stroupe at the CCS or the Blacksburg PD. Or just dial 911.

Let’s find Falon Cooksey alive and well so Roger “Low-Down” Harris and the rest of the School Board can carry on without laughing out loud. Let’s make the joke be on them in the 2019 School Board Election.

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