Governmental Agencies Operate Like Drug Dealers and the Mafia!!!  They hire high-dollar lawyers to cover-up their crimes!!!  Racism and discrimination a only a tiny fraction of the corruption that goes on!!  Report forwarded and arguendo provided by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following message was sent to me by Rev. Dante Murphy, founder of the Southern Coalition for Equal Protection Under the Law (SCEPUL) movement, in response to my article titled Breaking News! Prison time for insider trading-Holbrook caught taking gambling money in 2018 campaign. That article being an update from a previous article published in March of 2019. And updated to include mention of former Commissioner, “Boss” Eddie “Don Eddie” Holbrook’s self-dealing in a land deal with his “Caporegime” partners to purchase land adjacent to the location of the proposed Catawba Casino near Kings Mountain. Don Eddie has also been instrumental in Title IX violations at the Shelby High School Baseball Field. A Title IX violation is when discrimination is based on gender. Like when the Shelby High School Girls Softball team is refused access to equal facilities as the boys teams are provided facilities and access to to facilities.

Of special note is Rev. Murphy’s comparison of Governmental Agencies operating like “Drug Dealers and the Mafia.” Hiring high-dollar lawyers to cover-up their crimes. The following governmental agencies in Cleveland County have done such as this just recently: Cleveland Community College, The City of Shelby, The Cleveland County Department of Social Services, Cleveland County Schools and the Cleveland County Commissioners.

This is Rev. Dante Murphy’s comment to me that I received today:

Mr. Williams,


I have often argued that what is called “racism”” is only a fraction of what is actually just plain old overt corruption. I wanted to forward this information to several people across the state as an illustration of how government entities are using their positions to break the law–and more egregiously are able to purchase the best lawyers to cover it up. If the allegations in the report by the Kings Mountain Herald is not factual, then Eddie Holbrook by now would have offered some rebuttal to the claims.


What I am finding is that elected officials are unable to rebut these claims because there is too much truth in the claims. As in the case with New Hanover County Commissioner Rob Zapple who is currently being sued in federal court. At the expense of taxpayer funding Attorney Scott Hart and his law firm is raking in thousands of dollars to defend Rob Zapple’s racist and corrupt statements. Specifically, UNC-Wilmington professor Dr. Clyde Edgerton sought support from Commissioner Rob Zapple in responding to the New Hanover County child sexual abuse and discrimination scandals. At the end of the conversation Commissioner Rob Zapple initiated a line of statements regarding Murphy v. New Hanover County. Commissioner Zapple suggested to Dr. Edgerton that he separate himself from me in order to protect his reputation. We are seeking an FBI investigation into whether Commissioner Rob Zapple’s statements met illegal criteria. This is the case that was initially filed in small claims court, but was removed to federal court (by Zapple’s taxpayer paid attorney.


Deborah Stagner is the attorney for New Hanover County Board of Education. I was in court with her yesterday. Attorney Wayne Bullard is the former New Hanover County Board of Education attorney who resigned a short while ago saying he was being harassed by members of the community. That story was covered in the media for those who wish to follow up. As expected, I will be appealing that decision from yesterday which will force a trial by jury in district court.


With that said, as we discuss these matters across the state, we are finding that government boards are operating much like drug dealers and the mafia. In that, they commit crimes and pay corrupt attorneys’ large amounts of money to cover it up.


Rev. Dante’ Murphy


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