Former School Board Member Jeff Jones—Revisited!!! Did he resign from the School Board for the reasons he said he did?? OR, was he just too honest and tired of the Corruption??? Editorial opinions and views by Robert A. Williams

My phone has been ringing off the hook since news of the notice of my intent to file a lawsuit, as a taxpayer and whistleblower, against Mt. Calvary Baptist Church-Pastored by Rev. Dr. M. Lamont Littlejohn, Jr,-to collect the $523,500 debt Mt. Calvary owes to Cleveland County Schools for the purchase of the “Old” North Shelby School, as well as the “spill the beans” meltdown” of School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen at the April 26, 2021 school board meeting. At first, I advised callers to first go watch the video broadcast of that meeting, saying “my words cannot describe Robert Queens meltdown nearly as good as to watch it for yourself.”

Then, they call me back saying “Robert Queen just threw Rev. Littlejohn under the bus!” Next, they say “Robert Queen threw himself under the bus too!” Of course, I say “I have to agree. Robert Queen DID throw Littlejohn under the bus and himself too!!” The next? question to me is, “I wonder who ‘paid-off’ Robert Queen and maybe some of the others too?” I have no answer for that except to say I “wonder” the same thing.

I had no earthly idea about Luke Queen’s early personal involvement with the secret (and surely illegal) wheeling and dealing regarding Littlejohn, Cleveland Community College, Mt. Calvary’s unnamed banker, Supt. Fisher and likely other school board members. Such as this will have to come out during any lawsuit to collect this debt for the ultimate owners of this surplus school property-the taxpayers and citizens of Cleveland County. YOU and ME!

Presently it appears that all this is an apparent conspiracy to cheat taxpayers out of a property valued at $1.2 Million for only $550,000 with full payment actually due over a year ago. Now, there seems to be a continued conspiracy to give this $1.2 Million property away for nothing. And, Robert “Luke: Queen is OK with that!! Queen’s probably made-up meltdown diatribe came out only because of his anger that Danny Blanton had asked questions about Mt. Calvary’s overdue payment for the old North Shelby School and that Blanton was refusing to shut up about the many other things that are wrong at CCS. Bad things, big waste of money things, that Robert “Luke” Queen said he “didn’t understand why anybody was concerned.” If you watch that whole video of the April 26, 2021 School Board meeting, YOU heard that too. Twice!!

Since Queen revealed that this whole thing regarding selling the “Old” North Shelby School, or eventually giving it away for political purposed, began two years ago. And involved CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher, the plot sickens (pun intended). Robert Queen was NOT on the school board two years ago. For Fisher to be involved, means that other school board members are also involved. Involved in a criminal conspiracy. (Note that I will discuss the criminal aspect of all this mess in another article coming out soon.)

So, my thinking went back as to who were the other school board members around that beginning of this episode. As I was thinking about that, the name Jeff Jones came to mind. Then I remember, as I was attendance at that school board meeting, when Jeff Jones announced that he was resigning from the Cleveland County School Board. He said that he wanted to get back into teaching students.

I thought that was strange at the time as I do now. Then I recalled that School Board member Jeff Jones would hardly speak a word at school board meetings except for one time. That time was relatively close to the time frame that matches with Robert Queen’s admittances. At that particular school board meeting, Jeff Jones “went-off” on a meltdown diatribe of his own. I was also at that meeting too. Sitting right there in the second row, right in front of Jones. I was shocked to hear Jeff Jones going-off like he did. And saddened too. It was so out of character. It was totally obvious to all that Jeff Jones was under high stress for some reason unrelated to what he was going-off about. My experience is that is often the case. Something else was on Jones’ mind. Something Jones apparently thought was bad wrong.

As, about two years later, my mind began to put the pieces of the puzzle together about what might have been a likely reason Jeff Jones resigned from the School Board like he did.

Since CCS Superintendent Stephen Fisher, himself apparently well versed in covering up high crimes and misdemeanors, would not have been there at North Shelby School two years ago with Robert Queen (who was NOT a school board member at that time), Rev. Lamont Littlejohn, a banker for Mt. Calvary Baptist Church and perhaps others; without advice and consent of other School Board members. Likely the School Board Chairman and vice chairman. And perhaps Jeff Jones too. Or, at least, Jeff Jones would later find out about it. And, unfortunately, Jones, like everybody else that knew about it, kept it to himself and themselves.

My opinion of Jeff Jones as a school board member was that Jones was basically honest. More honest that most of the rest. And knowing what was, or had, gone on regarding the illicit plans to unload the “Old” North Shelby School for a political payoff was unethical–if not illegal. Which did not sit well with whatever “honest streak” Jeff Jones had in his character. Which likely caused Jones to hatch his own “exit plan” from the corruption at CCS before his neck was also in the Hang-man’s “noose.” Even though the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office would not prosecute. At least they never have. Even through the widespread CCS Credit card fraud.

Jeff Jones did the honorable thing. At least in his own mind. Get out of the CCS corruption as soon as possible. At least for his own peace of mind. And he did. He resigned effective immediately at that school board meeting.

Could I prove any of this about Jeff Jones? Right now, the answer would have to be NO. But, in a lawsuit situation, I would certainly subpoena former School Board Member Jeff Jones, along with ALL the other old and new school board members and put them on the witness stand and ask them to testify under oath about what they know and when they knew it??? There is something very special about being put under Oath before a judge and a jury. Sworn to be truthful, and the serious felony charge of perjury over your head if you tell lies. Under those circumstances, most people tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. Isn’t that what we want here and in all school board meetings.? Conducting the people’s business in an honest and truthful manner. That is my thoughts anyway.

Again, if you don’t know much about perjuring yourself under Oath, ask the Cleveland County Commissioners and DSS why they paid a settlement to Rev. Dante Murphy in his first lawsuit against them? And why the Commissioners and DSS are trying to get out of testifying in Rev. Murphy’s Second Lawsuit-with possible Third lawsuit on the way. Ask the Commissioners about the Federal investigation about them that just got started. (I bet they are surprised to see that in print.) Or, ask the Shelby Mayor, City Council and manager why they have gone to such great lengths, and even greater lawyer bills, to avoid testifying under oath in the various lawsuits against them filed by Mr. Willie Green. I am sure if you mention Polygraph testing (lie detector testing) to all of the above, they would croak right there before your eyes. Perhaps Mr. Green should ask for polygraph tests and see what the local Judges have to say about that?

Also, perhaps most of the “New” and “old” school board should do what Jeff Jones did. Resign, while you still can!!!

From what Robert Queen has already admitted, out of his own mouth and recorded for all to see; doing the honorable thing is also to resign effective immediately. Resign from the School Board as well as the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees-who, I am sure, would have preferred NOT to be dragged into this scandal as they have had plenty of scandals all on their own. Paying off lawsuits in the process.

Rev. Littlejohn should do the honorable thing too! Resign from the CCC Board of Trustees also. For exactly the same reasons. Mt, Calvary Baptist Church should do what is right and pay their just debt to Cleveland County Schools and the taxpayers. Anything else is up to them!

Stay tuned folks. This is only started.

PS: Folks, all my articles have been sent in advance to all concerned. Asking for their comments and to correct any inadvertent mistakes. I have done this for years as a standard practice. To date NOBODY concerned has questioned or commented on the accuracy of my reports or opinions, statements and conclusions. That tells me something. What does that tell YOU??

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