County Establishment Democrats Have Lost Their Way!!! Can’t Find qualified Candidates to Run for Local Offices!! So, they try to stick to the old and worn out ones!!! Report, observations and Arguendo by Robert A. Williams

The September 11, 2020 episode of “Political Smackdown’” told it all. The featured segment was the School Board Races and former Cleveland County Democrat Party leader Betsy Wells went into her diatribe. Number One oh Wells’ hit list was Samantha Davis. Wells called her a “Democrat on Paper.” Kind of like a DINO, a Democrat In Name Only. Republicans, for years, have denigrated RINOs. For Republicans In Name Only.

But then Wells went off on another Democrat running for the School Board, Michael Tolbert. Along with criticizing all the Republican Candidates for the School Board by saying that they all had “axes to grind” about one thing or another and were not experienced on School Board matters. Wells went on to say that the best thing for voters to do was to out the same ones back on the school board. Those same ones being Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Roger Harris. Fellow Democrat on Political Smackdown, Andy Dedmon, appeared meek and subdued compared to Betsy Wells.

The problem was that the Republican on Political Smackdown also apparated to be meek and subdued. Wes Westmoreland (himself a School Board Member at Pinnacle Classical Academy) did make a bit of a comment that the Republican candidates were concerned with “transparency” and the lack of an in-person attorney at school board meeting. Republican Mike Philbeck, the Moderator for this edition of Political Smackdown pretty much stuck to moderating.

NOBODY even mentioned the failing schools, waste, credit card scandals, sex scandals- Principals with teachers and teachers with students, mold and health issues at Burns and Crest High Schools, School Auditoriums at Burns and Crest, Shearra Miller refusing to let School Board Member Danny Blanton have an item on the meeting agendas and nobody seconding Danny Blanton’s motions. Just to hit some high spots. And only a few. Of course, NOBODT, but NOBODY mentioned the lawsuit for $3 million that Superintendent Stephen Fisher, in the name of ALL the School Board members filed against Sheriff Alan Norman without telling the school board members.

My takeaway here was that the Democrats revealed their 2020 School Board Election strategy. They know they are going to lose several seats on the school board, but they know that this election is all about a numbers game. If the Democrats can elect three candidates (Miller, Hooker and Harris), they will maintain the majority with one more to spare. They know that Phillip Glover and Coleman Hunt will stick with them to keep things as they are and no changes will be made. They know that Danny Blanton will not cave in to their foolishness. They are not sure of what Dena Green will do, so they need those three to win.

The Republicans need four school Board candidates to win, plus Danny Blanton will give the Republicans a majority so they can form a team that can begin to make the necessary changes.

As for me, Republican candidate Greg Taylor is a RINO. A back-door Democrat “plant” as a Republican Candidate to hedge the Democrat bet to keep control of the school board and maintain their own failed ways. To keep Cleveland County Schools doing all the bad stuff that I mentioned above.

But I can count too. I have also scouted out every single school board candidate for assurances that the much-needed changes will commence immediately after the 2020 elections. I am also not joined at the hip with any political party. Though I am a registered Republican, I support the best candidate for the elected position.

I am convinced that Republican Candidates noted below should be elected to the School Board as each one is one of the four needed immediately to make a majority for change:
1. Robert Queen
2. Ron Humphries
3. Joel Shores
4. Rodney Fitch

My fifth recommendation is:
5. Samantha Davis. As conservative as any Republican running for anything.

These are my FIVE recommendations. These FIVE are common sense and informed candidates who will do their best to DO what is best for Cleveland County Schools, students, parents and taxpayers. And not for their political buddies. Plus, incumbent school board member Danny Blanton will give these five a supermajority. And it is highly possible that incumbent school board member Dena Green will see the light and not be intimidated by the present super-majority of Plantation Politicking Democrats. Besides, Dena Green’s advanced degree in accounting would be an asset in cutting waste from the CCS big-spender and wasteful ways.

Folks, Punch-up Political Smackdown on your computer and watch todays episode. See for yourself. Then re-read this article. I believe you will be coming around to MY way of thinking!!!

As far as other local races:

Commissioners: Three seats are open and only one Democrat signed up to run. And probably an unelectable Democrat (black and allegedly gay) at that. However, I am recommending single-shot voting for Shawn McNeilly as a protest to keep the three Republicans on notice that taxpayers don’t want any tax increases for them.

District Court Judges: Five seats but only a Democrat challenger in one of them. One Democrat Judge, Dean Black, is running unopposed. Three Republican District Court Judges are running unopposed by Democrats.

House of Representatives District 110: Incumbent Kelly Hastings is running unopposed.

Cleveland County Register of Deeds: Betsy Harnage is running unopposed.

It looks like the Cleveland County Democrats are drying up and ready to blow away. I hear Republicans now outnumber Democrats. Too much time with leadership like Betsy Wells and Dean Westmoreland, I reckon. And a sad platform that goes against the grain for most Cleveland County citizens.

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