CCS Bullies Students with Threat of Suspension if they participate in a “Walkout” to support Equal facilities for the Shelby High School Girls Softball Team!!! And other inequalities in facilities at CCS!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

CCS wants to say Goodbye to Second Amendment. Goodbye to for the First Amendment at Cleveland County Schools!!!

Folks, remember the student “walkout” encouraged by gun control nuts that CCS administration encouraged students to participate in. Even though it was totally against CCS’s own policies. Remember the call for another “walkout” to support the Shelby High School girls softball team obtaining “equal” facilities that is required by a Federal Law called “Title IX.” A call that should also have included walkouts at Burns and Crest to support them getting equal facilities as Shelby and Crest that the so called Merger Plan should have provided years ago.

Well, here is what happened to the equal facilities supporters and it is short and sweet.

Right before the designated time for the called walkout, CCS officials got on the school PA system and threatened every student with suspension if they participated. Totally opposite to what they did for the gun control walkout. So, nobody walked out.

That may be the source of another lawsuit against the School Board. Maybe a series of lawsuits. As a lawsuit seems to be the only thing that gets CCS attention, I say bring on the lawsuits!!!

Folks, this is a short article about a very big issue. I expect big problems for CCS and their “don’t give a shit about the people” attitude. Just my opinion but I would say, hang on Cleveland County. 52,000 registered voters staying home on the 2017 School Board Elections may very well have serious consequences. Stay tuned is all I can say now.

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