Breaking News!!! Breaking News!!! School Board Candidate Kathy Branch Falls Associated with Video Poker Machines in Three States!!! Arrest Made In McDowell County, NC —Report by Robert A. Williams

We have wondered for several years now about Cleveland County School Board Member Kathy Falls and how can she afford all those fancy and expensive vehicles, new Mercedes Sports Car, new Camaros for her children before they were old enough to drive yet, SUVs, etc. with no visible means of support. No job that we could find. Same for her husband. But, Now we know.

Kathy Branch Falls is neck deep in video poker machines in three states. North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Kathy Falls is at the top of the corporate chain in two “Entertainment” type enterprises. KBConnect, LLC (KB stands for Kathy Branch as in Kathy Branch Falls) as well as Blue Ridge Enterprises of Shelby, Inc. Both of these businesses deal with video poker “entertainment” and have Kathy Branch Falls as the registering agent as well as President and list the business Address as 302 W Timberland Drive, Grover, NC. This address is Kathy Falls home address that is listed on documents filed with The Cleveland County Board of Elections.

But, as I sometimes say, Don’t Believe Me. Believe the attached records from the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office as well as a McDowell county News Report where one of Kathy Falls “agents” was arrested for four felony counts and four misdemeanor counts of operating eight illegal video poker machines at the Marion Travel Plaza right off I-40 near Marion, NC in McDowell County. Records show Kathy Falls business “tentacles” reach out from Kings Mountain, NC to Shelby, to Gaffney, SC, to Georgia, to Valdese, NC in Burke County and probably elsewhere.

Money doesn’t matter to Kathy Falls as she has often said about the huge cost overruns at the New North Shelby School Project, which are estimated to cost $6,000,000 over budget. Huge cost overruns also occurred at the $9,000,000 renovation of the Central Services offices in Shelby that actually cost $14,000,000. That $5,000,000 in cost overruns was covered up by “creative accounting” at CCS while Falls was a school board member. That creative accounting MO is already in play with the New North Shelby School Project where certain costs are accounted to James Love Elementary School but the costs were due to the NSS construction.

But, According to Kathy Falls own words on her facebook account, she “is the smartest person I know” and ” when I argue with myself I always win.” We have also provided that facebook page for your information. Folks, we have to provide this information as it is too weird to make up.

Alright, we are done with talking about Kathy Falls. There are four documents that you can read for yourself.

1. Some example documents that show where Kathy Branch Falls is the head knocker at KBConnect, LLC. Scroll on through this document to see Kathy branch Falls name, address and signature. as well as what the company does-video poker.

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