Alleged Preferential Treatment in Exchange for Sexual Favors!! Part II: Sheriff’s Depart Female Officer To Report for Work Monday!! After being Arrested and Charged by Shelby PD for Speeding 66 in 45 Zone, Driving While Impaired-Alcohol level 0.10, Fictitious Tag!! Magistrate allowed Officer to sign own Bond for immediate release from Jail!! Report and Arguendo by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: In our original report of this incident we did not give the Officer’s name as that was not the most important issue of this matter. The “scooped” Shelby Star, a few days after our November 13, 2019 report provided the Female Sheriff’s Department Officer’s name. We will “scoop” the Shelby Star again with this report as preferential treatment of the Female Sheriff’s Department Officer as it is still the over-riding issue of these reports.

Again, reliable sources have reported information about some questionable goings-on at the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department. Alleged preferential treatment in exchange for sexual favors!!

But, let’s first acknowledge that preferential treatment in exchange for sexual favors is widespread in Cleveland County agencies. Cleveland County Schools are full of it. Usually, but not always, in the form of Principals and other administrators promoting their women employee girlfriends ahead of other more qualified employees. The recent scandal at Cleveland Community College where the President infamously promoted his alleged paramour all the way up to second in command (and second in pay$$) before his secret “fuckshannon69” password was discovered. Former Sheriff Dan Crawford’s sex-capades are still legend. Commissioner ranks of alleged sex-capades include (that I recall) wife-swapping, sex with the tax collector, sex with DSS employees, etc. Of course, the alleged sexual trysts between the Health Department Director and an employee has all of the present County Commissioners, the County Manager, the Health Depart Director as well as the County Employee under a Federal Lawsuit that is going on this very minute.

So, a female Sheriff’s Department Officer allegedly having sexual encounters with other Sheriff’s Department Officers and getting preferential treatment for her misdeeds is nothing new. Maybe not even unusual. What may be new and unusual is such facts being reported to the public.

In this particular case, the incident was to be investigated by the Sheriff’s Department. I suppose it was investigated by the Sheriff’s Department. Perhaps the DWI, speeding and fictitious tag charges have even been dismissed by the District Attorney-as often happens too. In any even the female officer is scheduled to report back to work at the Sheriff’s Department this coming Monday-December 2, 2019.

Then, there are other things to consider here. Considering the high turnover rate at the Sheriff’s Department has left the Department so short-handed that the woman’s absence would be critical to the department’s functions. Perhaps if she was let go and complained that her department paramours should also have to go would indeed be critical to the Sheriff’s Department operations? Who knows???

All I can really say at this point is the situation is in the hands of Cleveland County Leadership. And the 2020 Elections offer citizens a choice in County Commissioner and School Board leadership. Out with the old and sin-tolerating leadership and in with an honest and moral leadership in the 2020 Election will be a big start in cleansing Cleveland of lots of problems. Unless somebody has a better solution, that is what I recommend.

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