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Commissioner Johnny Hutchins Accused of Boondoggles and Wasting Taxpayer Money!!!??? –A Whistle Blower Speaks Out!! Commissioners Refuses to Provide Public Records for Inspection Before Election!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

The letter addressed to me contained no return address and was postmarked October 18, 2016. When I opened the letter, it was signed as “Concerned Citizen-Whistleblower.” The letter alleges wrongdoing by Commissioner Johnny Hutchins regarding misuse of a County Credit…

The N-Word by Robert A. Williams

Everybody that picks up this issue of Citizens For Good Government knows the “N”-word is “N_____.” Something that is not politically correct to say. But, for a fact the “N-word” is a derivative of the word “Negro,” which is the Spanish word for the color “black.” In the political correctness of 2008 the word “N-word,” to a black skinned person or African-American person, is probably the most offensive word in the English language. The success in getting “N-word” banned from “white” speech is nothing but a dirty trick. Read on.