School Board Lies to Public State of the District Meetings By Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Wikipedia lists 34 different types of lies. From Bulls**t to Omission. From Cover-up to bold faced lying. There appears to be a sprinkling of each of the 34 types of tall tales listed in Wikipedia coming from the CCS school board.. I will let the reader determine which term best describes which type of lie is being told by the politicians running for re-election this year on the school board. I will try to stick to just the “omissions of the truths” that are not being told to the public by the school board, otherwise you would be all day and night reading this article. This article follows up my last article entitled “Students Committing Sex Crimes–PORNO Arrests Forthcoming??? CCS School Board Meetings and Workshops. What The School Board Does NOT Do!!!” that was published March 16, 2015. Please go back and re-read that article.

Folks, most of you didn’t bother to go to the school board’s four State of the District meetings held all over the county this past month (March/2015). If you want to waste some time watching CCS patting themselves on the back go the Cleveland County Schools website and pick either the Burns, Kings Mountain, Shelby or Crest zone meeting. It doesn’t matter which one, they are all the same. It is obviously an effort intended to get the old (incumbent) school board members; Jack Hamrick, Roger Harris, Jerry Hoyle, Richard Hooker and Shearra Miller re-elected November 3, 2015. These meetings were mostly attended by CCS employees. These folks served as a “Peanut Gallery” for their bosses and the school board. Their sole purpose must have been just to show up, stay awake, clap when they were supposed to clap. smile, nod their heads in agreement about how good CCS is doing and perhaps spy on each other to make sure no CCS employee told the truth to any regular parent about the problems at CCS that the school board doesn’t want anybody to know about. And especially not ask any school board members about any “problems” CCS might be having. As school board member Shearra Miller once said, “I don’t want to hear a bunch of complaints.”

If you did happen to attend one of these meetings you would have noticed the Guardians of our Children Motorcycle Club sitting right up front. This group is attending all school board meetings and have spoken several times about the cell phone sexting, cyberbullying and the overall lack of the school board doing anything to protect our children from the criminal activities (child pornography) being perpetrated on and by our children’s. They are not happy that they and other citizens are being ignored by the school board. You can identify this group and their supporters in two ways. One, they are wearing their “colors.” Two, they are not in the CCS “Peanut Gallery,” smiling or clapping on cue while the school board and superintendent is talking about everything else under the sun, while blatantly ignoring the myriad of problems CCS has but won’t talk about or listen to the public about.

As for me, the tale-tale indicator for school board election year cover-up comes down like this. Supt. Stephan Fisher, at the school board’s direction, is describing these so called great programs and keeps talking about having “continuous improvement programs” at CCS. Everybody else everywhere in the world recognizes that continuous improvement actually means problems in goods and services are “improved in increments” by identifying problem areas and fixing them appropriately. Over time as problems are fixed, the organization gains in efficiency, productivity and performance. And everybody is happy.

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