Rep. Tim Moore Sells Vote for Campaign Cash??? Caswell County News regarding Cleveland County Representative Discovered by Robert A. Williams

NC Rep. Tim Moore, District 111–representing Shelby, Kings Mountain, Boiling Springs and most of Southern Cleveland County–has been accused of selling his vote on the House Public Utilities Committee to fat-cat lobbyists for substantial campaign contributions. The issue was in Caswell County, where they wanted to be able to receive better Internet services from their Internet providers. Large cash contributions to Tim and eight other Republicans (and two Democrats) appeared to block the bill in Committee.

The following information linking Rep. Tim Moore and others with fat-cat campaign cash was provided by Caswell County sources. Not a peep from the Shelby Star.

From Caswell County Sources:

In a painful display of callous disregard for the broadband (Internet) needs of rural North Carolina, where half the state’s population lives, nine Republicans and two Democrats on the House Public Utilities Committee voted down a bill to deliver service to 60 percent of Caswell County that currently goes without.

Already suffering from the exodus of textile jobs that used to provide an economic base for the area, the failure to obtain broadband (Internet) has proven disastrous to the work of the county’s 21st Century Group, trying to restore Caswell County’s economy with a higher-tech future. Six years of work was blocked by CenturyLink — the local phone company and 11 legislators, who told residents they don’t deserve anything better than they already have (which is often nothing.)

The Members of the House Public Utilities Committee Voting Against Better Broadband (Internet) for Caswell County & The Reasons Why:

…and these amounts are just from the 1st quarter of 2010!

Rep. Harold J. Brubaker (R-Randolph) — Big Bucks Brubaker ran to the bank with $4,000 from AT&T, $4,000 from CenturyLink, $2,000 from Time Warner Cable, and $2,000 from Verizon.

Rep. Hugh Blackwell (R-Burke) — Blackwell accepted $500 from AT&T and $250 from Time Warner Cable.

Rep. Becky Carney (D–Mecklenburg) — AT&T and Time Warner Cable both cut checks for $500 each for Ms. Carney.

Rep. Beverly Earle (D-Mecklenburg) — She’s nice at half the price, with a grateful CenturyLink cutting a check for $250.

Rep. W. Robert Grady (R-Onslow) — Zippo. He’s not running for re-election.

Rep. Jim Gulley (R-Mecklenburg) — Nada. He’s not running again either.

Rep. Julia Howard (R–Davie/Iredell) — She gets around. AT&T found her $500, CenturyLink provided a cool $2,000, and Time Warner Cable did even better with $2,500.

Rep. Linda Johnson (R-Cabarrus) — A double mint. AT&T $500, Time Warner Cable $500.

Rep. Daniel McComas (R-New Hanover) — AT&T gave him $500, Time Warner Cable doubled that with $1,000.

Rep. Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) — Walking around money — AT&T $500, Time Warner Cable $500.

Rep. Wil Neumann (R-Gaston) — AT&T $500, but thanks to this year’s hefty rate hike, Time Warner Cable could afford $1,000 for Mr. Neumann.

Editors Note: Citizens For Good Government has previously recommended voting for Tim Moore for the following reasons:

1. In Tim’s first race against Andy Dedmon, we believed that Andy was slipping from doing a generally good job for Cleveland County. Andy began carrying the water for others for Andy’s personal gain in the General Assembly pecking order. Andy forgot to bring home the bacon for Cleveland County so, we recommended voting for Tim.

2. In Tim’s next two races against two liberal white women (Kathryn Hamrick and Betsy Fonvielle), we believed these women were too liberal and on the wrong side of the right to bear arms, right to life and the tax and spend issues. So again, we recommended voting for Tim.

That was then and now is now.

Now, it appears Tim may be bringing home the bacon for Tim and Cleveland County is as in the dark about it as the Caswell information shows.

This is easy to happen. All General Assembly members are elected by their Districts but represent all of North Carolina. And the Representatives, Senators, and the Fat Cats too, are not dumb people. And, as the Poker Machines and Lottery taught us, money talks in Raleigh. A Fat Cat makes a cash donation to a Cleveland County Representative today for a vote about Caswell County. Tomorrow, a Fat Cat makes a cash donation to a Caswell County Representative for a vote about Cleveland County. On and on–the circle goes unbroken and the Shelby Stars of North Carolina don’t tell the truth to anybody.

Same thing must happen in the Senate too. When Debbie Clary first went to Raleigh, she ran a radio station and drove a Mazda. Then she lost the radio station but moved up to driving a new Lexus. Now she owns an Internet business (run by her cousin I was told) and last time I looked, she was driving a fancy new Mercedes sports car. And her campaign cash prompted Don Allen to sign up to run for Sheriff against David Morrow.

Then Debbie, Tim, Don Allen and other un-named Republicans get felony charges against David Morrow for allegedly assaulting Debbie Clary in the face with a dozen ink pens. (No pun intended, but sometimes I recommend assaulting politicians with ink pens–at the ballot box.)

Then Debbie and Tim participate in bringing about a Constitutional Amendment banning David Morrow and a few others from ever running for Sheriff. And this happens while Cleveland County and the whole state is in an economic recession and they have plenty of other things to do.

Yes, money talks in Raleigh. And so do personal vendettas. Stay Tuned to CGG articles for the political news you won’t hear anywhere else.