Willie Green Responds to Teen Crime in Shelby Article!!! Shelby Mayor, City Council NOT up to challenges!! Would rather discriminate and slander, something they know well how to do, rather than solve teen crime problems!!! Response and conclusions provided by Robert A. Williams

Mayor Anthony,

If you and members of the city council are going to continue to use your political position to spread lies that I am slandering you and the other council members. And that I am the bad guy, please also let the public and those people you have been talking to know that it was you and other city officials who drew first blood by attacking me first. Let me remind you that it was your city manager making false claims about my financial status, you lying to the black pastors and community that the city never offered me a partnership, you Mr. Mayor attempting to shake me down because I didn’t go with your architect company to design my sports facility and you using the judicial system and judges that are your friends to prevent me from having a fair trial.

As a result of blackballing me from building my sports facility for the youths in the community. Crime of our youth population has increased. Holly Oak Park is closed to the minority kids, the YMCA is not welcoming of the youths in our community and no one has any plans to address the issues facing our younger community.

Just like the City’s 2017 Economic Development Strategic Plan, which stated the City of Shelby leadership is not acceptable to change or diversity.

If you or the other council members believe I am slandering your name or lying about how I have been discriminated and retaliated against by your administration, then sue me for defamation. I pray that you will.

Willie A. Green, Sr.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Willie Green has pretty much told it like it is. The City of Shelby’s latest 10-Year Strategic Plan does indeed fault city leadership as Mr. Green correctly states. Actually, Mr. Green left some of the criticism of Shelby’s leadership out of his response. That the sorry leadership in the City of Shelby is actually a “threat” to Shelby’s growth opportunities. I would add that the fact that such criticism being included in the published 10-Year Strategic Plan indicates the Shelby Mayor, City Manager and City Council did not even bother to read their very own10-Year Strategic Plan to begin with. Much less follow any of it. It is always the same ole-same ole. Perhaps the Shelby leadership will sue me too-for telling the truth. I am glad I don’t live in Shelby.

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