Why we do what we do!!!

Why we do what we do!!!

By: Robert A. Williams, Publisher

Citizens For Good Government


The human eye sees only the outside of things, especially in a government cover-up.  The cover-up story is, for the most part, all the human eye will ever see.  The biased and liberal media makes sure of that.

The seeing Eagle Eye of the Citizens For Good Government, through independent research of our own doing, pierces through the cover-up and determines the truth of the matter.  And then reports it!

The human eye that only sees the cover-up story, fools the human brain into believing things that are in fact false or are misrepresented enough to hide the real truth.  The Eagle Eye tells the brain the truth that the human eye did not see before.

We believe that, when properly informed, the human brain will do the right thing.


All those wishing to inject TRUTH and the conservative viewpoint back into our government and their actions are invited to read our publications and to join in with our “publishing the truth” process if you so desire.  Email me at admin@http://citizensforgoodgovernment.org if you want to network with us or to just get your true story that exposes “bad government” out to the people.  You will be glad you did.

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