We Rate the Voters !!! 2014 Elections Cleveland County an A- North Carolina an F

Observations and Evaluations By Robert A. Williams

2014 was a good year for Republicans at every level in Cleveland County and North Carolina. Maybe too good in certain local offices.

North Carolina voters came through and defeated US Senator Kay Hagan. Senator Hagan’s six years in Washington were clearly marked with representing Democrats in DC instead of representing her constituents in NC. It is a wonder she got as many votes as she did. Especially after coming home to run for re-election and telling so many lies about her opponent and denying having her hands in the cookie jar. Newly elected Senator Thom Tillis can make a difference for North Carolina and the USA, where Hagan just voted for obstruction. Except for the Keystone Pipeline vote. But that was Too little and way too late.

Cleveland County voters came through and put Republican US House Representative Patrick McHenry back in office. I have a major problem with McHenry on the way the does certain things, but he sure beats the alternatives the Democrats keep throwing at us.

Cleveland County voters did well with our State and most of our local elected officials too. With two notable exceptions at the voting booth and a local Republican party failure in the Sheriff’s race. The exceptions are in the District Attorney and County Commission races. In these races DA Candidate John Bridges and County Commissioner Candidate Willie McIntosh were the better candidates and would have diminished the Good-Ole-Boy influence on Cleveland County at the Courthouse and on the street. There was plenty of good-ole-boy negative campaigning against John Bridges and Willie McIntosh, with a clear undertone of racial discrimination directed toward Willie McIntosh. The November 12, 2014 issue of the Star shows a continuing racial assault on Willie McIntosh with the obvious purpose to never again allow McIntosh to ever be elected to public office in Cleveland County.

The Republican Party in Cleveland County clearly failed to support their candidate for Sheriff. While Republican Tim Moore was busy giving out $250,000 to support Republican candidates across North Carolina in his quest to get the Speaker of the House position, there is little indication that Moore and the rest of the Cleveland County Republican “elite” donated a dime to the Republican Sheriff’ Candidate. Indeed, former Republican “powerhouse” (and perhaps an un-indicted co-conspirator to a Federal Prosecution) Debbie Clary made a $500 donation to the Democrat candidate for Sheriff..

Cleveland County Voters took the high road on the Constitutional Amendment when they voted against the Amendment that would allow the waiver of jury trials.. An A+ here.

Cleveland County voters also did well in the State Supreme and Appeals Court offices by voting for the more conservative Judges. They also clearly made the decision not to support the openly homosexual appeals court judge who, due to a 19 candidate “smokescreen” of candidates, appeared to have the opportunity to win the elected office. The openly homosexual judge, 336,738 votes statewide (4,030 votes in Cleveland County) came in second to the conservative candidate. Cleveland County Voters get an A+ for their voting in these Judgeship races. However, such a large number of voters who voted for an openly homosexual and an activist judge is troublesome. Troublesome for our society as well as troublesome for our judicial system and troublesome for our Electoral system which is so easily manipulated.

Anyway, Cleveland County Voters took their voting responsibilities pretty seriously in the 2014 Elections in 19 of the 21 offices on their ballots. That rates a Score of 90.5. Or an A-.

North Carolina Voters did not fare so well. Of the Supreme Court and Appeals Court races, they turned back the lead Cleveland County had on voting for conservative Judges and turned them around for five of those judges. They also turned the Constitutional amendment vote around too, making the statewide vote FOR the amendment. Taking into account how North Carolina Voters five activist judges and the FOR amendment vote we rate NC Voters 13 of the 21 offices or 62%. Rating this to be a failing grade. An F.

This evaluation shows us that Cleveland County is mostly conservative with a touch of being afraid to sweep clean the Good-Ole-Boys from the Courthouse and the County Commissioners. North Carolina Voters overall still have a lot of work to do get their act together.

Thank You Cleveland County Voters for paying attention. For the most part anyway.

Robert A. Williams

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