Voter Fraud in Cleveland County? By Robert A. Williams

The news today is Debra Blanton, Cleveland County Board of Elections Director, says that after the November 2nd vote double-count in Boiling Springs; Jo Boggs and Eddie Holbrook have an even chance to win the second seat on the Board of Commissioners once the 270 provisional ballots are counted.  A comment on the Shelby Star article says it doesn’t matter who you vote for but who counts your vote.

We have always used the Joseph Stalin statement, “It’s Not the People Who Vote that Count; It’s the People Who Count the Votes” in our articles recommending voters only vote on Election Day to reduce the chance of mischief when counting the votes.  We stick by that recommendation but we realize that is not the only precaution necessary to reduce vote fraud.  However, for the purposes of this article, we decided to check out who was counting the votes in Boiling Springs.

First thing was to go the CC Board of Elections and get a list of the Boiling Springs Precinct Officials.  Second thing was to look those names up on the NC State Voter Registration website.  The results were surprising.  We immediately saw the name of a person that was turned in to the Sheriff’s Department for allegedly having felony sexual relations with a student.  A felony crime that was hushed up because of political connections.  Then we looked up all of the names on the State Voter Registration list and found two were not listed as voters in Cleveland Count under the names the Board of Elections had posted for the Boiling Springs precinct!  And of all the names that were verified by the State?  They were all registered as Democrats!

Then I quit looking.  Joe Stalin and the Star commenter were right.  It only matters who is counting the votes.  In Boiling Springs anyway.  Hey, this is a fight between two Democrats that I didn’t recommend for re-election in the first place.  And it was pretty obvious the Republicans had fallen back on their own bad habits by single-shot voting for Jason Falls and leaving their other candidate, Phil Bradford, out to dry.  Otherwise the Republicans could have easily won both Commissioner seats and this whole Democrat fight for second place would not matter anyway.

So, for this time, let the Democrats do their dirty dealings amongst themselves.  Republican Jason Falls is a good fit for the Commissioner seat and also swings the overall Commissioner majority away from the Democrats.  This episode is just a little Democrat insider political fight and it doesn’t matter much which Democrat wins.  There are bigger fish to fry in rooting out the corruption in Cleveland County politics.

Stay tuned for more in the new internet format of Citizens For Good Government !!!

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