Victory for Christian Prayer at Cleveland County Schools???– Only the School Board Can Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory!! Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Christians have turned out in record numbers for the last two school board meetings before the election demanding Prayer to start school board meetings. The Christians were put off until after election day for action by the school board, all the while the four incumbents running for re-election began promising Prayer, although each of them had voted twice previously against Prayer, in favor of a “Moment of Silence.” During all of this, the school board voted to have their lawyer draw up a draft Prayer policy for review by November 9, 2015 at a school board workshop.

The Law firm that represents the Cleveland County School Board is one of those high dollar prestigious Raleigh law firms where the big wheeler and dealer lawyers in Raleigh make the big bucks. But for this job that was important to the Christians in Cleveland County, the Raleigh law firm assigned one of their junior lawyers who appeared wet behind the ears.

But the lawyer’s age was deceiving. The Policy Regarding Opening Invocations Before Board Meetings drafted by the attorney for the November 9, 2015 Board workshop was an excellent piece of work. The attorney described in his presentation that he had used court documents as a guide and tried to work all the pieces together to make the policy as “lawsuit proof” as possible. I reviewed the policy before hand and I believe the document has accomplished that purpose. As well as offering a path forward to a point where Christian Prayers are acceptable and ‘Lawsuit Proof also. A copy of the two page document is available by Clicking HERE.

The presentation is available below:

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