Urgent: Sexting and Cyberbullying Meeting Tuesday Night

7:00PM March 31, 2015
Provided by Guardians of the Children Motorcycle Club
at Southside/Skooterz
1851 East Dixon Blvd, Shelby, NC
(Beside Oakwood Homes)
By Robert A. Williams

Folks, If you have a child in school who has a cell phone, you had better be at this meeting. Captain Joel Shores of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department will be presenting a program regarding the criminality of Sexting on cell phones and how that is illegal if done by underage kids.

Parents better listen up too. Child neglect charges may come down hard on parents who fail to supervise their children in the use of their cell phones, especially at school. Do not expect the Cleveland County Schools to do anything as they are not legally responsible–parents are. Parents better learn what your rights and responsibilities are as parents and you had better learn RIGHT NOW. For some it may already be too late.

Directions: Southside/Skooterz is located next to Oakwood Homes at 1852 East Dixon Blvd in Shelby. This is on the service road on the south side of the 74 bypass. Be there.

Note: For additional information on how all this Sexting issue at Burns Middle School came about, go back and read my last article.

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