Updates from October 26, 2015 School Board Meeting Provided by Robert A. Williams

Folks, My Article about October 26, 2015 School Board meeting noted that Board Member Danny had voted NO on the adoption of that night’s agenda without comment. I stated I would contact Danny Blanton to find out why he voted No. The answer was simple. Danny Blanton, a duly elected member of the CCS Board of Education had personally requested an item to be added to the agenda and his request had been refused.

Not only does the CCS Board incumbents led by Phillip Glover refuse to allow citizens an opportunity to be placed on the agenda, Board member Danny Blanton’s requests are also refused. Hopefully the election held November 3, 2015, this coming Tuesday, will put an end to this foolishness on the CCS Board.

The recommended School Board candidates will ensure that the public, along with Danny Blanton, will be allowed an opportunity to bring their issues to the CCS Board. And in the process Phillip Glover will surely be removed as chairman, and perhaps from the Board itself.

Mr. Blanton also voted NO on adopting the minutes of the previous meeting without answering Robert Queen’s question as well as on the Personnel Report. Mr. Blanton has long attempted to modify the way the personnel report is handled as it is the hiding place for many instances of forcing employees to resign without any discussion as well as hiding the lack of actions taken (cover-up) when teachers are caught having sex with students.

This is what the CCS Board does!!! Election Day, this coming Tuesday, can stop these abuses by the School Board (except Danny Blanton) forever.

Folks, get out to vote. Otherwise, if you want a quality education for your children, you will have to move somewhere else besides Cleveland County. Wouldn’t it be just as easy to read up on the facts and go vote on Tuesday. Print off our School Board Voter’s Guide and mark up your ballots accordingly. That is all you have to do. The rest will be taken care of soon enough.

We recommend voting for these FIVE Candidates on November 3, 2015.
CCS School Board — Vote these Five:
► Robert Queen
► Bill Gray
► Nikki Ledford
► Hal Hastings
► George Falls

Also, Early voting is going on right now. We don’t recommend Early Voting, but if that is what you do, please vote the slate shown above. You and your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be glad you did.

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