Two School Sex Scandals End in Plea Bargains!!!- Courthouse Sex Scandals Just Beginning???- “Girl-Crushing” in DA’s Office??- DA May have BIG Problem!!!–

Report, Analysis, Evaluation and Opinion by Robert A. Williams

Springmore Music Teacher Ed Miller, as previously reported, plead guilty in a plea bargain with the DA’s office to three of the ten felony sex charges against him. Only one charge, Statutory Rape, figured into his active prison time of sixteen to twenty four years. Two felony child abuse charges figured into Miller’s probation time. Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth (Beth) Lari was the District Attorney’s Office ADA handling the case. Although ADA Lari has a reputation, and a record to back it up, that she is tough on crime-at least when the accused is a man, I figure Miller will serve no more than six years when all is said and done. Scroll back and re-read my whole series of articles about this seemingly light case sentence for Ed Miller.

Burns Middle School science teacher Caron Blanton’s sexploit was the first sex scandal that broke at CCS in 2014 although that happened almost simultaneously with the Ed Miller case. Caron Blanton was charged with nine felony sex charges involving two minor children. Scroll back and re-read the previous articles on this case. Tough on a man Assistant DA Beth Lari was also assigned the Caron Blanton case. Caron Blanton being an attractive woman with a large tendency to take porno pictures of herself and send them out on her cell phone. Caron Blanton is certainly not to be confused with a man. In court on April 1, 2015 Caron Blanton Plead guilty to four felony charges in a plea bargain agreement with the District Attorney’s office. In the plea bargain agreed upon and signed of by ADA Elizabeth Lari, female exhibitionist Caron Blanton was sentenced to a total of TWENTY DAYS in the Cleveland County Jail plus some tough probation. Newly appointed by Governor Pat McCrory; Superior Court Judge W. Todd Pomeroy, a Republican from Lincolnton was the presiding judge who signed off on ADA Beth Lari’s doings.

And these were strange doings indeed. I took a trip to the Courthouse Thursday April 9, 2015 to look over the Caron Blanton’s court file. I heard and saw some strange stuff indeed.

First, let me backup a little. When I checked the courthouse record in the Ed Miller case, there had been not a word in the Shelby Star about Ed Miller being hauled right out of the courtroom and straight to jail, where early the next morning Ed Miller was being transported straight to Central Prison in Raleigh. To this day, the Star has been silent on the Ed Miller plea and his prison sentence. While at the courthouse I checked on the Caron Blanton case schedule and nothing was on the books for anything in the Caron Blanton case.

Next, on Aril 7, 2015, I get a message from a concerned citizen that Caron Blanton was in the Cleveland County Jail. (My friend and records researcher Hal Trammel of Shelby Action News pulled up the Sheriff’s Department record that showed Caron Blanton had been arrested April 1, 2015). As I was working on other research, it was the next morning (April 8, 2015) I called Capt. Joel Shores of the Cleveland County Sheriffs Department, the head investigator on the Caron Blanton case to confirm the arrest and sentence of Caron Blanton. Capt. Shores was to call me back regarding the sentence. Not a peep from the Star about Caron Blanton being arrested on the Star’s Internet, Facebook or print. It appears the Star was going dark on the Caron Blanton case, just like the Ed Miller case.

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