Trump Supporter Fights Back at Fayetteville Rally, Police “Contemplate Arresting Trump for inciting to riot according to Liberal News in Raleigh!!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

By the time you see this email, it is Primary Election Day in North Carolina. As we speak, WRAL-TV in Raleigh is falsely saying that the Fayetteville Police or Sheriff’s Department is seriously contemplating arresting Donald Trump for “inciting to riot” because a Trump fan way in the back of the Fayetteville Rally gave an elbow to the head of a black protester who was being drug out of the arena by police.

The story is Trump called for punching protesters in the face if they try to throw tomatoes at him. Only thing was Trump said that after the incident actually happened. So how can you incite to riot after an incident happens? You can’t.

But, it is clearly apparent the false story by WRAL is intended to keep people from voting for Trump on Election Day.

Folks, put a stop to this foolishness. Go to the voting booths today and vote for Donald Trump for President. If you are a Democrat, tell the Poll workers you want to change your affiliation to Republican so you can vote for Donald Trump. While you are at it, scroll back and print out a Marked up Republican Primary Sample Ballot as a guide and vote for the rest of the recommended candidates. You will be glad you did!!!.

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