Townhall Meeting — Cleveland County Schools

Townhall Meeting — Cleveland County Schools
By Robert A. Williams

A Townhall Meeting for concerned citizens, teachers, parents, etc. has been scheduled for Monday evening June 23, 2014 at the Landmark Baptist Church Fellowship Hall at 7 pm. Check on the Townhall Announcement on this site for the full details. You can’t miss the Townhall sign on the article.

The reason I am writing this separate article about this Townhall Meeting is to clarify what was written in the Shelby Star about this meeting and how deceptive the Star report was.

First, some background:
• The First Amendment of the US Constitution gives asll of us the rights of freedom of speech, religion and the press. The First Amendments also gives us the right to petition the government for the redress of grievances as well as the right to peaceably assemble. Look this up if you don’t believe me. The problem with the CCS School Board is they deny citizens the right to speak and to petition for the redress of grievances at their Board meetings. The CCS School Board Agenda is manipulated in such a way that citizens are absolutely left out of the discussion of what the School Board is going to do. Even new Board Member Danny Blanton is shut down in the regular School Board meetings. That is, in large part, what this Townhall is all about.
• The public participation part of the School Board meeting agenda is near the start of the meeting and the School Board sits there and listens, but the words go in one ear and out the other. Nothing is ever done regarding anything that is said by the public. You can tell by the expressions on the School Board’s faces that they don’t even want to hear what you are saying. You are timed to the second and run off after three minutes.
• There has never been a means or process for the public to publicly say anything to the School Board during their meeting. The School Board members say you can call them, but that is not public. However, bribes or other methods of collusion can easily be offered over the phone. Most people would like to have open communications with the School Board with others present. Crooks would certainly prefer the privacy of a telephone call to do their dirty work. Therefore, honest folks get left out of deciding what the CCS Board is going to do.

Also, the Star seemed to imply that this is ONLY Danny Blanton’s and Robert Queen’s Townhall meeting. It is the public’s meeting held in accordance with the First Amendment of the US Constitution.. Since the good ole boy members on the school board consider Danny Blanton and Robert Queen (and me and Hal Trammell) as troublemakers they don’t want to have a meeting where we (and you) can express our thoughts in any kind of “official” way. Go to this link to hear exactly what the School Board members said about having a Townhall meeting right before they voted it down on a 6-2 vote. CCS Board member Kathy Falls from Kings Mountain/Grover was absent. You will find the actual statements, tones of voice, etc. give a very different meaning than what you read in the Star article. It often seems that Skippy Foster is still editing the Star.

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