Tim Moore, Gov. Pat McCrory Stand up for Christian Values!!!– Report and recommendation by Robert A. Williams–

The crazy Democrats running the City of Charlotte passed an offensive ordinance that would allow sexual perverts access to bathrooms used by women and small children that would be effective April 1, 2016–before the NC Legislature was back in regular session. The crazy and stupid Charlotte law was backed by all the “Gay Agenda” pervs, their corporate sponsors and brainwashed Democrats who think the Democrat Party is still the same as when their grandparents were working in the cotton mills. The situation looked hopefully lost and the Republicans were out maneuvered-again.

But no. Speaker of the House Tim Moored called the General Assembly back into session and the Republicans quickly over-ruled the travesty that the Democrats running Charlotte were trying to pull on the whole state of North Carolina. Tim Moore and the House Republicans quickly put together a law over-ruling the Charlotte ordnance that was also quickly passed by the NC Senate. NC Governor McCrory quickly signed the bill into law and that was that. All before April 1, which meant the perverts so called “rights” were stripped away from them before they ever had them in effect. The pervs lost nothing.

But that was not that. All the Democrat Party perverts are hollering to high heaven. (Although Heaven is a place they will most likely ever see.) All their buddies in Hollywood are vowing not to make any more movies in North Carolina. I say good to that. Take away all their tax incentives and don’t watch their X rated Hollywood movies.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) says they will move an All-Star game away from Charlotte. I say good to that too. We have the ACC tournament and other North and South Basketball Games that that would fill North Carolina stadiums to overflow. I would much rather watch NC State, Duke, Carolina, Wake Forest and other teams play right here in North and South Carolina.

As for Baseball, let’s all turn out for the American League World Series and make Commissioner Eddie Holbrook happy. The field at Shelby High School is just about as good as any Major League field. Maybe better.

Other things too.

The Mayor of San Francisco has passed a local ordinance forbidding any San Francisco City Employee from travelling to North Carolina. That is double good news. Let the San Francisco perverts and illegal aliens who shoot people stay in San Francisco with all their buddies.

Walt Disney and the weird Hollywood actors also want to boycott Georgia for making movies to put pressure on the Georgia Governor into vetoing a religious freedom law that would protect Georgia citizens from having to take pare in the Gay Agenda marriages and such. Coca Cola and the National Football League (NFL) joined in by saying they wanted the law vetoed or they would not have the Super Bowl in Atlanta. The Governor of Georgia was not strong like Tim Moore and Pat McCrory. The Ga. Gov. says he will veto the bill. I say let’s get all our peaches in Gaffney, SC (Not Georgia and especially not from California), Go to ACC Football games and drink water instead of Coca Cola. This Boycott stuff works both ways.

And last but not least, the Shelby Star. The Star has filled their front pages with biased reports against the law that Tim Moore helped pass and Governor Pat McCrory signed. I have often stated over the years that smart people don’t subscribe to or advertise in the Star.

Folks, remember a few years ago when we had a referendum to approve or disapprove same sex marriages. Cleveland County voted 80% against gay marriages. That vote shows Cleveland County overwhelmingly disapproves of the pervert lifestyle that the Gay Agenda, supported by the Democrat Party and bought off corporate sponsors try to ram down our throats.

This is America for the 80% of Christian believers just as it is for the 20% pervert supporters. The Gay Agenda perverts have been cast out by polite society for all the history of the world. And especially the last 3,000 years of the Holy Bible. The Charlotte Mayor said anybody opposed to their pervert accommodation law would be on the wrong side of history. I say it is the other way around.

Remember November 8, 2016. That is election day. All registered voters are recommended to get out and vote for Tim Moore and Pat McCrory. Also Kelly Hastings and the other state Republican candidates. Especially be sure to vote for Donald Trump for President. Be sure not to fall for all the biased and false media and establishment Republican reports that twist and turn the truth about Trump into fear of violence and distrust. More on that later.

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