The Star Tars Dover YMCA Over Two Pot Plants Somewhere Else

Assessment by Robert A. Williams

The Shelby Star reports a YMCA Board member is arrested for growing marijuana on Dover YMCA property. Drew Alexander Beam, 46, of 1325 Vista Drive “in Shelby” according to the Star, but Google Maps says 1325 is on Moss Lake, was arrested for allegedly growing TWO marijuana plants that weighed in at a whopping 4.25 pounds on YMCA land that is somewhere else besides where the YMCA is. According to the Star’s last report, Beam is still a YMCA Board member. Oh yea, Beam did not have his mug shot taken because he “was released on bond at the time of his arrest.

This is a strange story. The original comment on the story, by Ralph Meekins, stated in disgust how the Star was trying to make the case about the YMCA and not about the crime or the marijuana. That comment was removed from the article, apparently removed by the Star, within minutes of being posted by Meekins. Then Angela Hamrick-Smith comments that “He (Beam) has been a ‘stoner’ for years.” (What is a “stoner?”) Then Jessica Childers says “You may want to take that post off of here so the police don’t use it against him or question you.”

The strangest thing appears to me to be the part that there was no mug shot. How does anyone get out of having a mug shot when they are arrested??? The Burns Middle School teacher Caron Blanton never spent a minute in jail when she was arrested for 9 felony sex charges but she had her infamous mug shot taken and it was shown on news reports around the world. Also, why does the Star never question such shenanigans at the jail as no mug shot? And why were they so concerned whether or not Beam was still a YMCA Board member? You would think whether or not Beam had actually planted only TWO marijuana plants would be the story here. Beam probably would have had better luck if he had planted the two plants in his flower bed at his Moss Lake home. And where are the arrests for the big drug dealers? Two pot plants seem like such a little bit of a story. Not even a tip of a tip of the iceberg regarding the drug problem in Cleveland County.

I’m with Meekins. Let’s make this story about druggies and the Star. That is where the real story is.

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