The Power of Prayer !!– A Gathering on the Courthouse Square, Tuesday, September 29th– Report by Robert A. Williams

An unconfirmed report says that School Board Member Donnie Thurman Jr. is sponsoring a “Power of Prayer” gathering at the old Courthouse Square facing S. Lafayette Street at 6:00PMon September 29, 2015-this coming Tuesday. The community and public is invited.

This seems strange since Mr. Thurman did NOT support a prayer at the CCS School Board meetings as is allowed by law and is a part of the County Commissioner’s meetings as well as the Shelby City Council.

Perhaps Board Member Thurman has changed his mind after seeing the data that shows the 17 year Close the Gap Program at CCS has failed badly with “numbers” that are “alarming.” And the admission that the “community” will have to resolve the gap in education instead of more and more costly programs at CCS that never seem to work. They just soak up money. Tax money.

Anyway, it is never too late to realize you have been on the wrong path in supporting the majority on the CCS Board, and a change in direction is necessary. We applaud Board Member Donnie Thurman, Jr. for that and we will see how his gathering turns out.

Note: This report is unconfirmed at present but comes from a reliable source, Mark you calendar and show up at 6PM September 29th at the Court Square. If no one is there, you can have a prayer meeting all by yourself. Cleveland County and CCS needs all the Divine Intervention that they can get. Also, be sure to end your Prayer with “In Jesus Name we Pray!” The Commissioners and School Board won’t let you do that at their meetings.

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