The LeGrand Center Revenue Increases!!!– The Question is Whether or Not it is Paying For Itself???

By Robert A. Williams

Election Day is upon us and the Star reports that the LeGrand Center revenue increases. And how the LeGrand Center is the great gift of prosperity to Cleveland County brought to us by County Commissioners Jason Falls and Eddie Holbrook, who just happen to be running for re-election on Tuesday.

About a month ago or more, I asked county officials for the operating costs for the LeGrand Center. I wanted to see just how much progress, if any, was being made on paying of that $22 Million Debt that the Commissioners have saddled the county taxpayers with. I have reminded those officials several times about the questions I have asked and still received no response about the LeGrand Center. I can only suppose Commissioners Jason Falls and Eddie Holbrook don’t want that information out until the election is over.

I don’t know why the rest of Cleveland County may be willing to allow such behavior from elected officials. My conclusion is simple. Single shot vote for Willie McIntosh. Get the other three commissioners next election.

Remember, Single Shot Vote for Willie McIntosh for County Commissioner!! Don’t be fooled by a last minute phony article in the Shelby Daily Liar. Take someone with you to the voting booth. Print out my suggested sample ballot and elect Thom Tillis for US Senate, John Bridges for DA, conservative judges and other good candidates.

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