The DSS Watchdog – Part II

People can now stop wondering why our state is in such a fiscal mess. We have a bunch of freaking idiots, excuse me, unethical and perhaps criminally inclined freaking idiots, running the state. Let’s have a look at the head of the state Department of Health and Human Services, which runs the state’s Medicaid office. His name is Lanier Cansler and his government taxpayer paid salary is $300,000. He claims that, in regards to this $30+ million, no bid contract, that he, nor the state, did any sort of background check on the owners of the business that received this contract. And he’s an accountant. He’s either stupid or unethical…or both. Being a crook cannot be ruled out either.

With all the resources available to people in office like Mr. Cansler, he didn’t bother to do a little homework? Yea, right. There’s something rotten and maybe corrupt and criminal about this whole mess, and it starts at the top. It’s becoming all too clear why DSS and such is in the news so much. There’s nobody in charge. Call the DSS office in Cumberland County, and you will be told that the person in charge, Brenda Jackson, doesn’t talk to the public. Maybe the powers that be in Cumberland County should move her to be in charge of a library somewhere, you know, where there’s no talking allowed. It stinks from top to bottom. The bad part of all this is that there are 100 counties in North Carolina, and in 100 counties, kids who really need to be protected are neglected by these DSS folks who are supposed to be doing their jobs. Yet, how many times must we read and hear about situations where innocent children were harmed, even murdered, due to some snafu in the bureaucracy along the way? All the while false reports about families and children that do NOT need DSS intervention are hounded by DSS until they are financially destroyed. To be naive one may think it was not so much the bureaucracy as it is the incompetence of the department. But with so much so-called “incompetence” from the top down to the bottom, that little bit of being naive has to wear off. It is in fact the bureaucracy too. And not just DSS, but all those that profit off DSS. Like lawyers, doctors who sell pills to school children who don’t really need to be medicated in the first place. And the list goes on and on.

There is hope, however. Since there is a major change in leadership in Raleigh at this time, maybe, just maybe, we’ll have some leadership that will step up and do what’s right for the people, all the people, instead of the politically connected and especially the financially well connected few like Mr. Lanier Cansler. Maybe Representative Tim Moore in his new powerful position in Raleigh will realize the struggles his fellow North Carolinians are facing, both young and old, and convince his cohorts to stand up for his state and his people. We have nick-named Representative Moore as the “Kingfish” of the North Carolina General Assembly. As The “Kingfish” Moore is responsible for bringing bills and legislation to the floor, so let’s contact him and let him know what is important to the people he represents. Will you join in with us as we try to break this thing wide open, and rid the state of useless money grubbing state official like Mr. Lanier Cansler and right on down the line to every conflict-of-interest influence peddler who is lined up to the taxpayers money like hogs at the trough? There is strength in numbers. It’s time to take a stand. Stay Tuned on how to take this stand!!! Stay tuned for the target list of the fat cat hogs that need to be gotten rid of!!!

Here are some external links that will educate you on the topic at hand. Stay tuned folks, there’s much more to come.

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