The crazy adventures of Sherlock Holmes-KM Mayor Candidate Arrested– Report and updates by Robert A. Williams

The attached Press Release from the Cleveland County Board of Elections tells most of the story, but not all.

Eugene “Sherlock” Holmes is a candidate for mayor of Kings Mountain. Mr. Holmes has advocated “eradicating” homosexuals by throwing them in jail. Perhaps that has riled up a political opposition all on its own. This was not included in the Board of Elections Press Release.

When Mr. Sherlock Holmes was arrested this morning at a Kings Mountain polling place he complained about having “chest pains” and was taken to the hospital where he was checked out and released before being hauled off to jail. Mr. Holmes bail was set at $20,000. This was not mentioned in the Board of Elections Press Release.

The Board of Elections has also not released the fact that campaign finance reporting law violations allegedly perpetrated by Mr. Travis Mangum have also been referred to the State Board of Elections for investigation. This investigation is in regard to political advertising Mr. Mangum purchased in the Shelby Shopper and The Star advocating certain candidates without first properly documenting his actions as required by North Carolina law nor coordinating his advertisements with the candidates.

Now, read the Board of Election’s Press Release for the rest of the story.

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