Thank You Kay Hagan and ObamaCare

Evaluation and Satire by Robert A. Williams

I just got off the phone with my health insurance provider. Thanks to Kay Hagan and ObamaCare, my health insurance premium just went up 354%.

I am so happy about this. I wish every single person who voted for Kay Hagan and Barack Obama will get the same nice present that I received. I hope you get more than I did as you deserve it more. You voted for Kay Hagan while a dumb bunny like me voted for someone else.

This nice pre-Christmas and pre-Election present is just what everybody needs. More bills from the government for less service. And just think about all the lies that we have been told about Obama Care and how Kay Hagan helped bring all these bountiful gifts down upon us “little people” back home in North Carolina. Maybe Kay Hagan will also thank those of you genius’s who voted for her so she could bring home the bacon for her OWN family who received $900,000 in stimulus money. I mean Hagan’s family got $900,000 in cash money from the Federal Government while my family and your family got an additional $10,000 in National Debt to pay off. Ain’t Kay Hagan sweet?

And all these gay marriages will bring so much happiness to the queer crowd as they are now able to sign up for spousal benefits for the ones they “love.” Especially all those 50 year old men who will just “love” those 12 years old girls. I just bet they are as happy now as pigs in s….mud. They won’t have to worry about being prosecuted anymore. They now have the their rights and “Love conquers all” as they say on the Shelby Star’s Facebook account.. What a double dose of thanks we should be passing on to Kay Hagan at the ballot box on Election Day. Just think about all the happiness Kay Hagan has brought to our state and the rest of the USA her first time around. Imagine how much more “happiness” she can dole out to us in a second term???

For all the happiness Senator Kay Hagan and her gay pride crowd brought me, I will reward her by voting for Thom Tillis for US Senator. When you get your presents from Senator Kay Hagan, maybe you will join me in Voting for Thom Tillis.


Ain’t America Great??? That must be why God sent us Ebola.

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