Susanna Speaks!

Many have thought that I was just a figment of Mr. Williams’s imagination. All that changed when the RAW-man called me about a John McCain function down at Lake Wylie. RAW challenged me to go see what the Republicans had to offer. I said I would go only if he would attend some Democrat functions. He agreed.

Next thing I know my picture (and Mr. Williams picture too) were on Channel 9 TV news. We were on the front page of the Charlotte Observer the next day and on CNN several times. I am just behind John McCain, close enough to reach out and touch Mrs. McCain if I wanted to.

Here I am, a die-hard Democrat at a Republican function. And fair is fair, RAW attended a John Edwards campaign function the next week. He even took my picture with Senator Edwards. Maybe RAW will print it. (RAW Note-See Below) We both tried to look up Obama and Clinton campaign functions on their internet websites, but to no avail. I was disappointed to find out that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had campaign functions close enough for us to have attended. I was also disappointed that Senator Edwards, my personal favorite, dropped out of the presidential race soon after losing South Carolina. Then a political reality set in. With Edwards out, what Democrat was I going to support for President?

CNN news confused me. It seemed like every time Clinton and Obama came on, there was also the outrageous news about Britney Spears right behind them. It was almost like Britney Spears was a Democrat candidate for President. News about Spears, Obama and Clinton were ubiquitous. That was embarrassing for this Democrat.

Mr. Williams didn’t help much either. When I would bring up the need for “change” that the Democrats were talking about, he always asked “a change from what to what?” He would always add, “you heard from a Republican and now you’re listening to what the Democrats have to say. Make up your own mind. Apply some common sense.”

Make up my own mind and apply some common sense? That is what my Daddy would have said. My die-hard Democrat daddy who always said vote Democrat. Well, using my own mind and applying common sense I realized my daddy was a conservative Democrat when all Democrats had conservative values. Clinton and Obama are not conservative. I find my conservative values are with John McCain and Sarah Palin. I believe my “Democrat” daddy would agree.

I have changed my mind about the National Democratic Party of today. I believe my daddy would too if he were living. I am still a registered Democrat and I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Primary Election in May. In the fall General Election my vote will go to “conservative” candidates-John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Now I am glad John Edwards, the liar and cheat, is out of the running. I have learned my lessons and I have changed my mind. I will vote for conservatives, including a woman. McCain and Palin. Republicans! I recommend that readers use their own mind and apply common sense too. Our country will be the better for it.

PS: Mr. Williams, Please throw away that picture!