Storms Rage at School Board Meeting– Outside and Inside Too !!!!— Ear Witness Report by Robert A. Williams

The weather report received by Mr. C. J. Sauer’s “Guardians of the Children” group of about ten who had ridden their motorcycles to the June 8, 2015 CCS Board of Education unusual School Board combination Workshop and Business meeting apparently caused the group to leave the School Board meeting early. It was a good move as the thunderstorms rolled in with thunder crashing, lightning flashing and torrential rains coming down. The group avoided getting soaking wet and muddying up their flawlessly clean and shiny Harley Davidson motorcycles, but they missed the show of their lives when what sounded like a knock-down drag-out brawl broke out amongst the school board members right before the meeting was adjourned. Folks, you gotta read about this.

As for me, I avoided the storms outside but found myself almost smack dab in the middle of a storm inside the CCS Central Offices between the School Board members.

This particular School Board meeting held the day before schools let out for the summer was unusual from the start. And long too. The meeting started at 4:30 with an almost two hour closed session to discuss personnel issues. Then they had a workshop, where among other things it was noted that the new “Sexting” scandal originating from Burns Middle School would be combined with the Anti Bullying campaign at the schools. Of note during school board visits to schools during lunchtime, Board member Danny Blanton made an emphatic note that the “school food is awful.” This caused me to think about the CCS Child Nutritionist, Jada Brown, who apparently does not eat any of her prescribed meals at the schools but spends thousands upon thousands of dollars on meals at the Country Club, other fancy restaurants like the Grove Park Inn, a resort in Asheville where she also gets massages in their spa, all charged on the school credit cards. Of course some other budget stuff was presented, etc.

Then the regular Business Meeting was opened up. Or re-opened as the Meeting started at 4:30, then a closed session was called, then around 6:22 a workshop was called, then around 7:30 the business meeting was called. A business meeting where the public participation part was completely excluded. Apparently excluded on purpose as there were a number of folks present who had complaints regarding the Principle at Burns High School that they wanted to tell the board members about. The school board just closed the people out. They obviously didn’t want to hear any complaints from anybody. (They would be in for a surprise.) They closed me out too as I wanted to inform the school board that they (the school board) were in violation of state law by not reporting teacher sex crime convictions to the NC Department of Public Instruction so teaching licenses could be revoked as the law requires. (I will write this up as a separate article.)

Superintendent Fisher informed the board that Holland and Hamrick were selected as the architects for the new North Shelby School. Out of four architect firms Holland and Hamrick was considered the best by the selection committee. As for me, I found the selection of Hamrick and Holland “predictable.” This group seems to be getting all the School Board and County Commissioner’s work for some “unknown” reason. I have made Freedom of Information Act requests on the county regarding Holland and Hamrick’s work on the new county health department building. I found their work totally lacking in certain areas on the limited amount of information the county has provided to me. Other information I requested from the county is strangely being forgotten about even though I have made additional written requests for information that is normally easy to provide.

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