Springmore Teacher Finally Arrested-$500,000 Bond

Springmore Teacher Finally Arrested-$500,000 Bond
By Robert A. Williams

After all the fumbles between the DA’s Office and the Boiling Springs Police Department, including the suspect leaving the state, Springmore Elementary School Music Teacher Edward Ray Miller, 29 has been arrested and is in the custody of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department. Securely locked up in jail and under $500,000 bond. Miller is charged with 10 felony sexual charges as follows:

• Three Counts of Felony Child Abuse-Sexual Act
• Three Counts of Indecent Liberties with Child
• One Count of Incest
• Three Counts of Statutory Rape

Note that the charge of Incest confirms my previous report that the victim was suspected to be Miller’s adopted daughter Judy (not her real name). Judy was previously a student of Millers at Springmore, later adopted by Miller and his wife, and presently a student at Crest High School. The Shelby Star, apparently from information from the CCS School Board, has indicated in multiple reports that the victim in this case was not a student at Cleveland County Schools. This report from the CCS School Board and The Star is false.

Also note that this crime was only acknowledged after I found discrepancies in the CCS Personnel Report that were similar to the Caron Blanton Case. Caron Blanton was the Burns Middle School sixth grade science teacher who was arrested and charged with nine felony counts of sexual misconduct with boys at Burns Middle School. Had I not spotted and exposed the discrepancy in the Personnel Report for Miller that was similar to Caron Blanton, this case was well on its way to a total cover-up.

Folks, go back and read my articles entitled “Breaking News Another Major Scandal involving County Schools???” and ” Setting the Record Straight–Springmore Teacher Sex Scandal” to get up to date with this new scandal at Cleveland County Schools and how it has evolved-without a peep from the CCS School Board. Or the County Commissioners for that matter. Not one word to assure the citizens of Cleveland County that the School Board and Commissioners are concerned with the safety and protection of our children while in school and from CCS teachers and staff. Not one word from the School Board or Commissioners Jason Falls and Eddie Holbrook that they are going to do something about what is happening in our schools. Only excuses from the School Board and Commissioners, especially Donnie Thurman, Jr., Jason Falls, Eddie Holbrook that the law won’t let them say anything or do anything. “Bull-ony” I say to these excuses. All I see is School Board Member Danny Blanton trying to do something and all the rest shutting him down with “phony” rules of parliamentary procedure.

Folks, also do not think there is an end in sight to the scandals coming out of Cleveland County Schools. I have reported another incident regarding the Shelby High School female teacher with large breasts who pulls male students faces into her breasts and says “you can suck on these if you want to.” Not one peep from the School Board. I reported the Burns Middle School Teacher who was arrested for DWI to the School Board, with not a peep from the School Board. (Except for Danny Blanton who called requesting information.) I also went back through the CCS Personnel Reports for the past month and found more than ten additional discrepancies exactly the same as the Caron Blanton and Edward Miller discrepancies. Again, I reported these discrepancies to every School Board Member and not a peep from anyone except Danny Blanton.

Folks, it is up to you whether or not the CCS School Board and County Commissioners continue to disregard the safety and protection of your children. If you continue to accept the excuses from the School Board and County Commissioners Jason Falls and Eddie Holbrook that they can’t do anything and you keep voting for these people, you will continue to get a steady report of scandals that affect the children in Cleveland County. Maybe one day when YOUR child or grandchild is the victim you will take notice and scream for somebody to do something about this mess. I will likely be quick to tell you that since you chose to do nothing except keep on voting for those that won’t do anything, and you won’t run for office yourself, perhaps you have gotten exactly what you deserve.

Remember this article on Election Day in 2014, 2015 and beyond. Run for office if you can in 2015 and beyond. Vote for a new set of County Commissioners and School Board Members. It is your children or grandchildren who will suffer if you don’t.

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