Special Treatment for Sex Offenders of School Children???

Special Treatment for Sex Offenders of School Children???
By Robert A. Williams

The citizens of Cleveland County have been ill served by the District Attorney’s office for years:
• Thurman “Soupy” Price was charged with murder in the 40+ year old murder of Brenda Sue Brown, yet Price was allowed to post bail and live out his remaining years without going to trial on his charges. Perhaps the High DA Richard Leroy Shaffer, Jr. figured he didn’t want to answer any questions about his lack of prosecution of Price and decided not to run for re-election. Maybe that is why Shaffer is supporting Assistant DA Mike Miller for DA and expects Miller to bring Shaffer back to the DA’s office like Shaffer did for former DA Bill Young. But, that is a story for another day.

• The SBI investigation of Cleveland County Schools credit card fraud resulted in a report to the DA, but the DA brought no charges.

• A student was caught at school with lewd pictures and videos of Burns Middle School Teacher Caron Blanton on his cell phone. Blanton was allowed to resign as well as go out of state to a Baseball Game in Atlanta before being charged with nine (9) counts of felony sexual misconduct charges. Then she was allowed to make arrangements to turn herself in and walk right back out the door on a $150,000 bond that she had prearranged. Not a minute of time in jail for Caron Blanton. Statistics show that women teachers having sexual relations with male students are typically treated better by the justice system that men teachers having sexual relations with female students. Go back and read my previous articles about this case.

• Then comes Springmore Elementary School teacher Edward Miller. Nothing at all was said about this case until I went back through School Board meeting records and found Edward Miller resigning just like Caron Blanton did. I often wonder if this case would have come up at all if I hadn’t discovered the similar MO of cover-up by the CCS School Board. But it did come up and Miller had moved to Taylors, SC to live with his father. The DA and the Boiling Springs Police Department (Why the Boiling Springs PD is also a mystery. Why not the Sheriff’s Dept.?) had a mix-up on the grand jury schedule giving Miller weeks to make his arrangements. In the end Miller was charged with ten (10) felony charges of sexual misconduct against a school child who happened to be his adopted daughter. The charges are several counts of child abuse, indecent liberties with a child, statutory rape and one count of incest. Miller finally turns himself in, is arrested and put under a $500,000 bond. Miller’s attorney, David Schweppe, files a motion for a bond reduction and Assistant DA Elizabeth A. Lari immediately approves a reduction from $500,000 to $75,000. Miller is locked up for about an hour or so according to some reports.

So, hopefully the report above, based on court documents, explains the difference in the actual and initial bond of $500,000 as I previously reported and the Star’s report, based on the lawyer’s email, that said the bond was only $75,000. Of course the Star has not retracted their false statement that the victim was NOT a student in the CCS system

One more thought. Caron Blanton’s charges do not include actually touching anybody except for herself. Edward Miller’s charges include rape and incest which are totally based on “touching” the victim. Yet Miller’s bond was reduced to half of what Blanton’s bond was. And Miller had several weeks before arrest while Blanton only had a few days.

Folks, remember the District Attorney’s Office is up for election in November. Stay tuned for information about that. All I can say right now is there needs to be a new broom in the DA’s office that will sweep clean the kind of mess as described above.

Also, there are more instances of crimes that appear to be covered up by the CCS School Board that are in preparation. Stay Tuned!!!!

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