Special Report–Casino Crazy Who Wouldn’t Want 4,000 Jobs???

Speaking for the first time: Robert A. Williams

I have watched Cleveland County political maneuvering for a long time now and I have learned one thing for sure. Don’t believe anything the Commissioners say until you get all the details and you see all the numbers. And then you had better watch them real close. I was totally disappointed with all the Commissioners when they secretly “gave” away the hospital and all the healthcare facilities in Cleveland County. So when I read about the Catawba Indian Casino for the first time in the Charlotte Observer and the Raleigh News and Observer, I smelled a rat. Especially when I heard Skippy Foster and Jason Falls were involved with keeping the Casino project quiet, along with all the other commissioners.

Then I heard about (and later read) a letter signed by all the Commissioners basically promising to give away as much taxpayer money as the Casino would ever ask for if they would just locate here in Cleveland County. I heard about these 4,000 jobs from the Star and about everybody else, but I never believed it. 4,000 jobs, yeah, right! Just like there were 10,000 people at the Livermush Festival the year before last and 110,036 people attending the American League World Series this year.

Then, I hear there are secret investors jumping in at $1 million a pop to get a piece of the action. I do believe that. There are always some insider good-ole-boys who always make mega-bucks whenever the County does any business. Nothing new to that. (But another good reason to get rid of the corruption in Cleveland County Government.)

I also have heard most of the Kings Mountain Awareness Group’s admonitions to the Commissioners advising the Commissioners to withdraw their support for the Casino. The Awareness Group makes plenty of good points about the downside to gambling that I agree with. You would agree too if you go to CCNC-Online on the internet and watch the Citizens Recognition part of the Cleveland County Commissioner’s meetings. Casinos are like a “black hole for money”-lots of money goes in but very little comes back out. Kinda like the Fair.

So, basically I have just waited and watched to see what happens with the details on the Casino before I formed my opinion on whether or not I would support the Casino.

All that changed at the Commissioner’s meeting held September 2, 2014. I heard one detail that made me quickly form my opinion about the Casino. That detail was that the average pay for those 4,000 jobs would be $12,500 per year.

My mind did some quick figuring and $12,500 per year calculates out to be about $6.25 per hour!!!!!!!

WOW!!! Now I have my answer to “Who wouldn’t want these 4,000 jobs?” ME for one and about anybody else with any sense at all.

This is less than you could make picking cotton back in 1959, adjusted for inflation.

Folks, Commissioner Jason Falls is the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, is from Kings Mountain and is up for re-election And Jason Falls supports bringing the Casino to Kings Mountain with it’s much less than minimum wage pay as well as paying, with taxpayer dollars, for the Casino to come here. Also Jason Falls (along with the other Commissioners) heard the report that the 4,000 Casino job average pay was $12,500 per year and none of them ever said a word. Either they know the figures are correct or they just don’t know. Either way, we need a new bunch of Commissioners who will do better than this!!. And tell the Catawba Casino people to just go back to South Carolina where they came from. South Carolina does not want the Casino, neither does Gov. McCrory and most of the NC General Assembly. So why should we??? Commissioners, Say NO to the Casino. People, Say NO to Jason Falls on Election Day!

This is why I recommend everybody; black, white, red, brown, blue, pink or chartreuse should single-shot vote for Willie B. McIntosh for Commissioner on Election Day-November 4, 2014. Take a busload with you to the polls. You will be glad you did.

PS: Folks, didn’t we outlaw video poker? Didn’t video poker create jobs too??? Why are we even thinking about bringing in a Casino that will be full of video poker machines? And more with only cotton picker wages!! Are we Crazy??? Jason Falls has got to go!!

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