Speaker Tim Moore, Rep Kelley Hastings, Governor Pat McCrory Attacked, It’s All About Politics!! Editorial by Robert A. Williams

Cleveland County is a funny place. We have voted into office a Republican majority on the Board of County Commissioners, two Republican State Representatives (one the |Speaker of the House) a Republican State Senator, A Republican US House member and two Republican US Senators. Yet, on this off year election in 2015, we elected and reelected five liberal Democrats to the Cleveland County School Board. Of course 50,000 Cleveland County voters stayed home on election day this year. So, what can you expect???

The consequences of the School Board 2015 election are CCS will continue to waste money like they always have, the NC General Assembly will rightfully refuse to give them extra money because CCS refuses to properly manage money and Cleveland County kids will suffer. Just like always.

What is strange about all of this is off year elections are a big waste of money and time to begin with, they favor Democrats and the Republican controlled General Assembly and the Republican controlled Cleveland County Board of Elections have not eliminated them yet by shifting all elections to the even years. Many counties have already done this so it is nothing new.

Anyway, major tax dollar savings by eliminating off year (odd year) elections was not the purpose of this article. I’m just revving up my thinking cap. Hopefully you will do the same. Read on for the rest of this story.

Stories are circulating in liberal newspapers like the Shelby Star, Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News & Observer, etc. regarding Republican Representatives Tim Moore (Speaker of the House) and Kelly Hastings. As well as ‘Governor Pat McCrory. Let’s take a closer look as some of those stories.

Starting with NC Speaker of the House Tim Moore.

Does anybody still believe Cleveland County Attorney Bob Yelton’s firing and the hiring of Tim Moore for the County Attorney position was for any other reason but politics??? If you still believe Yelton was fired for any other reason than politics, perhaps you should stop reading this article right now and go watch your TV for awhile. Commissioner Eddie Holbrook and his secret gang of self serving Economic Development insiders have many times stated they wanted better access to Raleigh. And what better way to get it than to hire the Speaker of the House as County Attorney and hire a full time staff attorney to do all the work? And all at taxpayer expense. The fact that Tim Moore is first cousin to Commissioner Chairman Jason Falls was totally coincidental to hiring Tim Moore as County Attorney. The fact that I could never get any official confirmation from the Institute of Government or the Ethics Committee that the blood kinship between Jason Falls and Tim Moore was NOT a conflict of interest issue worried me a bit, but nobody else seems to care about that, so I just dropped it too. Hey, I am not the only person in Cleveland County with a telephone and an internet connection.

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