Speaker of the House Tim Moore has some s’plaining to do??!! Report by Robert A. Williams


Overall, I support Tim Moore for the Speaker of the House for several reasons. Besides Tim running unopposed as the my representative (as well as most of Cleveland County) in the North Carolina House District 111, Tim Moore as Speaker of the House has done some exceptionally good things. Number One in my book is Tim showing enough backbone to stand up to the “gay agenda-Rainbow Coalition crowd” in the HB2 issue, started by the liberals in Charlotte, who wanted to ram the so called “transgender” bathroom issue down our throats. I am sure if Tim had not stood up to the perverts, others, including Governor Pat McCrory, may have backed down under the political pressure coming from the queer lover President of the United States, Democrat candidate for POTUS Hillary Clinton, the NC Attorney General (running for Governor) Roy Cooper and on, who refuses to do his job and defend North Carolina against the Federal lawsuit against HB2 on down to singers, basketball and football teams and silly companies who, because they are weak and fear the perverts, don’t want to do business in NC. Tim Moore is seeing to it that enough money is available to fight this lawsuit on something that 80% of his constituents want Tim to stand firm on.

Tim Moore has also:
• Lead the fight to lower state income tax, state corporate tax and other things that will attract business to North Carolina.
• Lead the fight to reform the failed education system in North Carolina by trying to convert the old worn out seniority system for teacher pay to a more productive performance based pay system. Just this year Tim Moore has lead legislation that states ” The State Board of Education shall establish a three-year pilot program (pilot) to develop advanced teaching roles and organizational models that link teacher performance and professional growth to salary increases in selected local school administrative units for classroom teachers.” The goal of the program is to sort out highly effective teachers, put more students in their class (which would root out low performance teachers) and pay them well. Although this makes total common sense, you can expect a fight from the teachers unions. Anyway, this is a long needed reform that will eventually pay off for our students in North Carolina as well as Cleveland County.
• Tim Moore has apparently stopped the General Assembly from stealing money from the Highway Trust Fund and then transferring the cash to the General Fund for spending on other things instead of highway construction and maintenance.
• Tim Moore has brought home the bacon for Cleveland County in several well deserved projects.

Tim has had problems though. Being the Speaker of the House, a powerful position, has caused much complaints and scrutiny from those who also are jealous and want that position for themselves as well as those tax and spenders-Teacher’s Unions and others who want to keep the status quo. Local and state politics have also played a part in making problems for Tim Moore. For instance:
• Taking on the job as the Cleveland County Attorney under suspicious circumstances related to his blood relationship with Commissioner Chairman Jason Falls and unethical behavior by Commissioner Eddie Holbrook who publicly stated he was interested in tapping into Tim Moore’s influence regarding access to funding from Raleigh to support the American League World Series, which has proven that it cannot pay for itself without government funding. Tim may not have been associated with “smelly” way the Commissioners conspired to fire former County Attorney Bob Yelton, but Tim has profited from it.
• Tim’s business and management connections with an outside the county scrap dealer and the possibility of an unsavory connection between a foolish deal the Commissioners made to give away a million dollar property, the old Doran Mill and about 80 acres of prime land, where the new owners, Dover Technologies, have not made the improvements that were promised and recovered a reported million dollars in scrap metal sales as well as recovering old timbers that were milled down to be installed in the NewGrass Brewery, which is co owned by one of the failed Dover Technology founders and a former County Manager, who helped make the deal to give away the property in the first place.
• Board of Elections financial reporting that contained inadequate and possible questionable entries that were discovered, reported to the media, investigated by the FBI and caused embarrassment for Tim.

Then, there are some more recent “watch dog” articles regarding state grants and funding for the American League World Series and a $1.5 million last minute budget state funding for undisclosed improvements to the King’s Mountain water and sewer system where the funding does not require the money to be spent on the water and sewer system. And, it seems King’s Mountain never asked for the funding nor will explain where the money will go.

The articles are shown below for your convenience. Ask Tim Moore to explain where this money will go and what will it be used for. As a constituent (in Tim Moore’s District) of Tim’s, I will copy Tim on this article to see if he will respond. I will let you know one way or another.

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