Sheriff returns – department in chaos By Robert A. Williams

However, It was most likely not Jesus doing the calling to Raymond this time. If Jesus is calling to the candidates for Sheriff of Cleveland County, He is probably finding more listeners outside the Sheriff Department’s three candidates. And especially on the Republican side. This is a must read article.

“SD in Chaos”
Let’s back up a little bit. Some folks are going to say, ”there he goes again, running down all those brave men and women at the Sheriff’s Department who risk their lives every day to protect all of us. Even to protect the likes of that mean ole Robert A. Williams.” Well, I could reply by saying, as I usually do, that discussing the performance of any government agency and the elected officials in charge is always the proper thing to do before elections. But this time, I am just going to lay out the facts first, add some discussion points and then let the readers decide. If that is not satisfactory, well, if all you want is lies you can always go read the Shelby Star.

Sheriff’s Department Facts:

Sheriff Raymond Hamrick:
1. Democrat. Every Sheriff in Cleveland County for over 100 years has been a Democrat. When Raymond Hamrick was sworn-in in 2006 at Bethel Baptist Church the Pastor said, “It was God’s Will that Raymond Hamrick was elected Sheriff.” (Apparently it was NOT God’s Will that Raymond Hamrick would actually show up for work full time as Sheriff or do a whole lot of good for the Department that the Sheriff was supposed to do.
2. Raymond Hamrick made history in 2002 when he defeated Sheriff Dan Crawford in the Sheriff’s race in 2002. In the history of Cleveland County, no duly elected incumbent Sheriff running for re-election had ever lost. (Dale Costner was appointed Sheriff, never duly elected as Sheriff.)
3. Over Raymond Hamrick’s career in Law Enforcement, he never accumulated much “sick leave.”
4. Sheriff Raymond Hamrick was injured on a motorcycle when hit by a drunk driver prior to the 2006 elections.
5. Raymond Hamrick filed for re-election as Sheriff in 2006 without disclosing (hiding?) his true medical condition.
6. Raymond Hamrick was re-elected Sheriff in 2006. (That is what the Board of Elections said anyway, be sure to read the article about the faulty set-up on the voting machines in 2006.)
7. As of today, Raymond Hamrick has been absent from work for an accumulation of approximately four of the seven years he has been the Sheriff of Cleveland County.
8. Raymond Hamrick showed up at the Cleveland County Board of Elections hardly able to walk eighty-eight minutes before the deadline and filed for re-election as Sheriff of Cleveland County on February 26, 2010. Raymond told the Star he “wanted to take his life back.”
9. Raymond Hamrick’s legacy as Sheriff of Cleveland County is “Mister Missing In Action.”
10. As Sheriff, Raymond Hamrick is the only person who can fire employees, yet Sheriff Hamrick has publicly stated the reason he returned to work and filed for re-election was because Danny Gordon and Alan Norman were running the office through intimidation, threats of termination and using their high office for personal gain. Now the Department is split three ways with controversy.
An example of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department problems is shown by over 60 calls to 116 Stamey Road in Fallston…and yet the drunken parties with children present continue every weekend. Other examples include complaints of Police Brutality, including complaints from women…at least one disabled woman and at least one disabled man…result in no disciplinary actions. Several deaths in the jailhouse. A Jailer being beaten in the jail and not being found for a long period of time. Drugs smuggled into the jail. Drugs all over Cleveland County. Reputed sexual partner of a high-ranking deputy being hired at a high salary. Not filing reports of crimes to manipulate crime statistics to falsely show Cleveland County crime rates are lower than they really are. Didn’t find the elderly man missing from the facility between Fallston and Lawndale (Philadelphia Road) for a week although the man was eventually found dead pretty close to a stone’s throw from the front door of the place. Haven’t found the missing woman either. Or Asha Degree. On and on. Very little to brag about has come out of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department supposedly run by Sheriff Raymond Hamrick.

Chief Deputy Danny Gordon
1. Democrat
2. Left Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Dan Crawford. Worked on Raymond Hamrick’s campaign for Sheriff in 2002. Hired as Chief Deputy when Hamrick was elected and sworn in.
3. Announced his intention to run for Sheriff in the Fall of 2008 and ran a “Gordon for Sheriff” gazebo at the 2009 Cleveland County Fair for all to see. Filed for the office of Sheriff on the first day of the filing period.
4. Basically served as acting Sheriff for approximately four years of Raymond Hamrick’s two terms in office. Danny was on the job and in charge while Raymond Hamrick was not.
5. Danny’s problem in running for Sheriff is the same as Hamrick’s problem. The chaos in, and poor performance of, the Sheriff’s Department came about under Danny Gordon just as much as Raymond Hamrick. Read On.

Captain Alan Norman:
1. Democrat
2. Has been rumored to be interested in running for Sheriff for years. Announced his intention to run for Sheriff in Fall of 2009 and ran a “Norman for Sheriff” gazebo at the 2009 Cleveland County Fair for all to see. Filed for the office of Sheriff on the first day of the filing period in front of a large crowd of supporters.
3. Basically served as Patrol Captain under Hamrick and Gordon for the 7+ years of Raymond Hamrick’s two terms in office. Alan Norman was on the job and in charge of the Sheriff’s Patrol for Cleveland County while Raymond Hamrick and Danny Gordon were not.
4. Alan’s problem in running for Sheriff is the same as Hamrick’s problem and Gordon’s problem. The chaos in, and poor performance of, the Sheriff’s Department came about under Alan Norman just as much as Raymond Hamrick and Danny Gordon.
(Editors Note)
It doesn’t matter who is campaigning or who is on leave or whatever. As of right now, there are three candidates for Sheriff drawing pay from the Sheriff’s Department with basically the same credentials and the same on-the-job record. All three started as a jailer and advanced through the ranks. Now with Sheriff Hamrick’s name on the ballot (who is threatening to fire Danny Gordon and Alan Norman), the Department is unsure what to do. Instead of a two way split there is a three way split. The good Officers are hunkering down during the hard economic times worried about their jobs. The bad Officers are sucking up to all three, backstabbing, figuring out who will come out on top and what they can get for themselves-same as always. So, if you like what you see at the Sheriff’s Department, read and buy into the cover-up from the Shelby Star and if your great-grand daddy was a Democrat and you don’t know or care about anything else, then the Sheriff’s race is only a popularity contest between Raymond Hamrick, Danny Gordon and Alan Norman. None of these three has put out an original idea on how to better the Sheriff’s Department–if they had anything, why have they not implemented it. Just go ahead, pick the one you want to vote for (Alan Norman recommended) and move on to another article. Otherwise, read on.
(End of Editor’s Note)
The Democrats:
Cleveland County has the Democrat Party to thank for the situation at the Courthouse. The Chaos in the Sheriff’s Department and even more chaos, unreported but there, in the District Attorney’s Office.
In 2006 for the first time in the history of Cleveland County the Republicans put up good candidates for all the Courthouse Offices. The Republicans had the Dream Team but they blew it. The Republican leadership (or lack of) became lazy. But first, the Democrats.
Several times top vote-getter for County Commissioner Willie McIntosh was running for Sheriff in a crowded Democrat Primary race.
With “black” Democrats holding 40% of the Democrat Party, McIntosh was sure to win the primary and go on to be Sheriff.
Having a “black” Sheriff was scaring the Good-Ole-Boy Democrats so much that they cooked up a deal with the Republican In-Crowd to switch Woody Allen over to Republican and run Woody against McIntosh in the General Election in the fall. Then the Democrats would elect Woody Allen and the Republicans wouldn’t have to do any work to have a Republican (in name only) as Sheriff. The lazy Republicans fell for it.
Then the Double Double-Cross. The Democrats controlled the Election Board and supposedly the “black” Democrat vote didn’t show up. The Election Board ruled Hamrick the Primary Election winner by the narrowest of margins.
McIntosh protested because of so many votes the new super-doper electronic voting machines refused to count. But his protest was thrown out. (Be sure to read about the faulty voting machines elsewhere in this issue-Page 20)
Now the Democrats didn’t need Woody Allen to make sure there was no “black” Sheriff. The Republicans had double-crossed the double-cross by voting for Don Allen over Woody Allen. Now it was Raymond Hamrick and his covered up poor health and his covered up poor job performance against Don Allen for Sheriff in the General Election.
And here comes Betsy Wells the Democrat Party Chair-person.
Betsy worked like a whirlwind whipping all the Democrat candidates into line supporting each other. For every time you saw the Republican Chair-person you would see Betsy Wells at least 10 times.

That suited the Republican Chair-person Kathy Livsey just fine.
Kathy was from the “lazy” Republican old-school faction that was satisfied with only having token Republicans in office. Debbie Clary and Tim Moore were Kathy’s concern and as long as they won Kathy was satisfied. The rest of the Republican slate were on their own. As a result, all the Dream Team lost.

An Outsider Emerges, Democrat Candidate #4

Mike Chapman
Mike is also a Democrat. Also ran a booth at the 2009 Fair. Mike is a retired North Carolina Highway Patrol Officer. A former Rutherford County Deputy under Sheriff Damon Huskey, a former US Marshall too. Now working for the hospital security force. But most importantly, Mike Chapman is completely free from the chaos and turmoil at the Sheriff’s Department. Mike didn’t cause it. Mike is not involved with it. And Mike Chapman hasn’t spent a lot of campaign money for which he will owe pay-back-favors. As far as Chapman’s ideas on improving the Sheriff’s Department, Chapman’s Internet website says it all. In short, have the Sheriff’s Department do what the Sheriff’s Department is supposed to do. That is a major change from what the Sheriff’s Department is doing now, but nothing original is thrown in. If you want a change (as we all do) and you are a Democrat, Mike Chapman would be your choice on Primary Election Day.

Now, The Republican Candidates

Unlike the Democrat candidates (especially Sheriff Hamrick) who invoke their missions from God in running the Sheriff’s Department, the Republican candidates let their acts do their talking for them regarding their association with God. Candidate Don Allen is an ordained Baptist Minister. Candidate David Morrow has made 6 Missionary trips to Cuba to build Churches there.

Don Allen-Republican:
As previously stated, Don Allen was the Republican candidate in 2006 who was chosen by rank- and-file Republicans to run for Sheriff over the In-Crowd candidate Woody Allen. If Woody had stayed out of the bait-and-switch wheeling and dealing in 2006, he might have been the frontrunner among the Democrat candidates in 2010. Maybe that should be in another story.
Anyway, Don is a retired SBI Special Agent with a good record in law enforcement. Don also has worked closely with Dan Crawford at the SBI and that association did not work well in 2006 as many remembered the problems at the Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Dan Crawford. “We don’t need another SBI Agent as Sheriff” was often heard out on the campaign trail. Of course the problem was Dan Crawford letting the office go to his head, not being a former SBI Agent. Dan had personal problems (alleged to be women, gambling and drinking-not necessarily in that order) that Don did not. Don was also saddled with a Republican Party leadership that was lazy, ineffective and didn’t care about the local offices. All they wanted was a token candidate elected-not the whole slate. Debbie Clary and Tim Moore were enough for the Cleveland County Republican Party and that is all they got.
After the 2006 Election that Raymond Hamrick won as Sheriff and all the other local offices were won by Democrats, the lazy Republican In-Crowd tried to blame their losses on the Citizens For Good Government and the “black” Democrat vote. Don Allen partially fell into that trap and got himself appointed as a Board Member to the Cleveland County NAACP. This was not a politically wise decision for there are not many “black” Republicans and many of his 2006 “white” supporters concluded Don was selling out to an ultra-liberal and racist organization. This would certainly not help Don in a Republican primary election. NAACP Board member or not, “black” democrats are going to vote Democrat in the General Election.
Another rumored story stated that when Don Allen was previously asked about whether or not he was going to run for Sheriff again in 2010 Don said “only if the Republicans pay my campaign expenses.” Don has not confirmed such a story, but we have reason to believe that would be a prudent statement. Now Don was the last candidate to file for Sheriff stating his last minute decision came at the correct realization that Raymond Hamrick’s filing would continue the destruction of the Sheriff’s Department as a legitimate law enforcement agency. But the Debbie Clary Republican campaign is listed as his first contribution source of campaign funds ($500). We suspect that the same Republican In-Crowd that originally accepted (and maybe recruited) and pushed Woody Allen in 2002 are back to their dirty rotten lazy tricks. They want to sabotage David Morrow’s race for Sheriff in the Republican Primary Election and then go back to their lazy ways in the General Election, leaving Don Allen all on his own-AGAIN.

David Morrow-Republican
David Morrow filed for the Office of Sheriff around the middle of the filing period. David clearly filed for Sheriff because of his own agenda of service to Cleveland County, which did not include catching a part of the media sensation caused by Raymond Hamrick’s resurrection as Sheriff at the last minutes of the filing period. Morrow clearly offers one thing that none of the other candidates can offer. Morrow offers business experience that came from working and making his own money-not drawing a government paycheck every week of his life-like the other candidates.
David Morrow is considered qualified for the Office of Sheriff for several reasons. Morrow has a straight A average in Criminal Justice from CCC. No Sheriff of Cleveland County has actually made an arrest or conducted an investigation for at least 50 years. In this day and time the Sheriff must be an administrator that knows what has to be done, not necessarily actually doing the arresting or investigating. Knowing what to do, knowing how to select personnel to do the various jobs, knowing who is performing and who is not, listening to the people and making the adjustments necessary to serve the customers-people. That is what a Sheriff has to do and that is where David Morrow’s business experience would benefit the workings at the Sheriff’s Department.
There is more. Morrow has some original ideas on improving the Sheriff’s Department. Morrow states he would institute a Community Review Board as a method of increasing department accountability. Morrow suggests the SD encourage the Criminal Justice System require full sentences for violent offenders, but provide rehabilitation for non-violent offenders. Morrow is also the only candidate for Sheriff who states the economic future of Cleveland County is tied to crime control and crime reduction. That understanding comes from Morrow’s experience as a businessman and from a businessman’s perspective. A perspective that is needed in all government agencies. Local State and Federal. Not just the Sheriff’s Department. Note that every candidate for the NC House states crime control is necessary for economic development. Every citizens in Cleveland County knows that too. Yet every candidate for Sheriff that came up through Law Enforcement says they will reduce crime, but they have never make the leap that reducing crime is the key ingredient to better economic times for Cleveland County like David Morrow has.
After reading material from all candidate Internet websites only two points of original thinking caught my attention. Alan Norman’s website gets your attention (startles you a little) with a gunshot going off and another round racking into the chamber. That original idea didn’t give me a much of a good feeling about the operations of the Sheriff’s Department under Alan Norman. The other original thought was sort of hidden in David Morrow’s personal introduction. David shares that his wife is a Baptist and she jokes that David is not a Christian until he “goes under the water.” David replies that he is an a Methodist and “it doesn’t take as much water to get the job done when you are a Methodist.” That is an example of David Morrow’s way of thinking as a businessman. Do the job with less cost. Do more with the same cost. Since us taxpayers are paying for those costs, doesn’t it make sense to want a businesslike approach being used by those in charge of spending OUR money? Or do WE want someone who only knows about drawing a Government paycheck?

What do YOU think? YOU get to decide on Election Day.
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End of this Article.

Read the law that Sheriff Raymond Hamrick and Skippy Foster say is the basis for Sheriff’s Department Policy that Sheriff Hamrick is using to blackmail candidates Danny Gordon and Alan Norman. Read for yourself and you will know the truth. YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO. Read Star Cover-up Part II Conflict of Interest At Sheriff’s Office.