Shelby TEA Party throws Disturbing Forum for School Board Candidates–Three Commissioners Show Up Late to Influence TEA Party Recommendations List??? Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The most troubling part to me is that the selection of Boggs and Grant to the list, if elected, almost certainly means that a five person team intent on making the necessary changes at CCS will not be formed and the status quo will stay in place for at least two more years. Phillip Glover will most likely stay in power as the chairman, there will be no Prayer before school board meetings, no transparency regarding the credit card scandal or any other scandal and basically the same ole same ole.

Folks, we can only wait and see if these whisperings turn out to be correct. But, if I were a TEA Party member I would be irate as hell and burn up the telephone and emails to make the selection committee get real and go back to the drawing board, without Eddie Holbrook and Jason Falls looking over their shoulders telling them what to do.

There is one thing in this school board race that is for sure. Eddie Holbrook and Jason Falls have no input whatsoever in me making the recommendations that I made for the school Board. The candidates I recommend are Robert Queen, Hal Hastings, Bill Gray, Nikki Ledford and George Falls. Anyone else and its more years of gridlock, fear, no prayers, corruption and cover-up in Cleveland County Schools. If I was running Bethel Baptist Church I would run off the TEA Party if these whisperings as I described above turn out to be true.

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