Shelby Star Misrepresents Sheriff Hamrick and Cleveland County!!! –By Robert A. Williams

I didn’t say it first this time.  County Manager David Deer did.  I would have said it different though.  I would have said “More Lies from Skippy, with County Commissioners Eddie Holbrook and Mary Accor joining in.”  All complaining that Sheriff Hamrick was going to “terminate” Alan Norman.  David Deer, with Sheriff Hamrick and Alan Norman by his side, says that was a “misrepresentation” (a charm school word for “a lie”).

We all know that Skippy has taken the Star into bankruptcy or heading for bankruptcy.  Selling more papers, by hook or crook, is the only way to keep the Star from being turned into the next Court House annex with an overflow parking lot.  Maybe that is in the works.  As I walked by the Star today on my way to do some Court Watching, all the empty parking spots were in the Star parking lot.  Nobody works at the Star anymore.  But watch out.  Before the County would buy the property, some “insider” would buy the property first, then turn it around and sell it to the County for twice or three times what he paid for it.  That’s the way Cleveland County government does business.  Look at the last time the County bought land for the landfill from Gardner-Webb.  Hey, that is a story for telling (again) in a different article.

This article, as I like to inform the people, will start from the beginning.  In 2001 when Raymond Hamrick first decided to run for Sheriff, Raymond resigned from Dan Crawford’s Sheriff’s Department one full year before the election to mount the Hamrick for Sheriff Campaign.  Dan Crawford had resigned from the SBI to run for Sheriff one full year before the election for Sheriff in 1994.  In the 1982 Election for Sheriff, Buddy McKinney campaigned without his job (and pension) at the Sheriff’s Department because incumbent and appointed Sheriff Dale Costner had fired him.  When McKinney won the election, he fired Dale Costner.  Running for Sheriff is serious business for serious candidates.  Throughout the history of Cleveland County ALL serious candidates for Sheriff have had to make job and pension (retirement) sacrifices when running for Sherriff.  If your retirement was threatened and that affected your campaign, YOU probably shouldn’t be in the Sheriff’s race to start with.  Most citizens were of the opinion that if money would affect your campaign, money in the form of kickbacks and bribes would affect your performance as Sheriff.  The fact is Raymond Hamrick is the last Sheriff of Cleveland County to have been steeped in that tradition.  Call it good; call it bad-that is the way it was.  Every candidate for Sheriff had to be ready to sacrifice in some way or another.  No Sheriff of Cleveland County has ever been convicted of corruption, although that is more likely the result of cover-up than honesty.

Now it is 2010 and Sheriff Hamrick has been out of work sick for close to 4 of his 8 years as Sheriff.  Chief Deputy Danny Gordon and Captain Alan Norman decided to run for Sheriff while both were still on the job.  Still drawing their pay and still building their retirement.  Neither of them has, to date, missed a lick in collecting their pay.  So, when Raymond Hamrick arises, like Lazarus from the grave, after his kidney transplant and files for Sheriff on the last day, Sheriff Hamrick re-instates all the old rules-good or bad-that everyone had to live by in the past.  And the Star sees a way to sell papers by running down Sheriff Hamrick along with Republican candidate David Morrow, whom Skippy has always hated anyway.  So, the articles in the Star got misrepresented a little.  Maybe misrepresented a lot.

Let me say again that Citizens For Good Government did not support Raymond Hamrick for Sheriff in the 2006 Election for lots of good reasons.  WE TOLD YOU SO in 2006 and we keep on telling the voters in Cleveland County so.  Raymond Hamrick and others should have been thrown out of office in 2006 by the voters.  The Commissioners, Including Commissioner Holbrook and Commissioner Accor, should have removed Hamrick from office for cause 3 years ago when it was obvious that Hamrick was not able to do his job and elected an interim Sheriff in 2008..  There are laws for that despite what the County Attorney says.  I have looked them up myself.

But here we are in 2010 and Commissioners  Eddie Holbrook and Mary Accor are saying all the negative publicity in the Star regarding Sheriff Hamrick and Alan Norman is bad for Cleveland County.  I would suggest Holbrook and Accor listen to their very own County Manager, David Deer, who just today said the story that Hamrick would fire Norman was misrepresented by the Star.  Commissioners Holbrook and Accor, Voters in Cleveland County, the problems in Cleveland County cannot all be laid at the feet of Raymond Hamrick.  We will have a new Sheriff soon enough and we will still have the same old problems once Sheriff Hamrick is history.  The real problem is too many people still believe what they read in the Shelby Daily Liar as run by Skippy Foster.

Wake Up Cleveland County.  Wake up Eddie Holbrook and Mary Accor.  Read the Citizens For Good Government and learn what is really going on and where the problems really are.  Why don’t you start with reading about the latest lawsuit against Cleveland County.  The cronyism, nepotism and patronage issues and other REAL issues in Cleveland County.  The Star hasn’t printed one word about any of that.  Stay tuned and you can read all about it in or .com.